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Ask Gamblers - Best Casino Website

Ask Gamblers is the BEST CASINO WEBSITE ever, and Dijana is wonderful. I am very lucky and happy that I got the chance to work with them, and hope that I'll meet the team in person one day.
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How to choose a casino website - Check the feedback

Feedback is golden when it comes to selecting the website for casino games and that's why you should always look for a website that has good feedback. There are a lot of casino forums that you can visit and over there you will get to know about the websites that you should visit and you shouldn't. It doesn't matter which game you want to play, from slot to texas hold em (also spelled as 홀덤), you should be concerned about the website's feedback for every game as it will help you choose the website that has the best recommendation from previous users.
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How to choose a casino website - Online research

Selecting a good website for gambling is very important. There are obviously so many websites out there and you would want to get your hands on the best one and that's why it is so important to do proper online research. The thing might take a bit of time but it is very important because we are sure you wouldn't want to choose a website that is nothing but a fraud. It doesn't really matter which game you are trying to play, be it a slot game or texas hold em (also spelled as 홀덤), you should select the best website for your gameplay.
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How to choose a casino website - The security

The online casino world is flourishing as there are so many websites to choose from and if you want to get your hands on the best one, then it is important to check a couple of things and the security factor is one of them. A lot of websites are online just to loot your money and do nothing else. From the website of slots to texas hold em (also spelled as 홀덤), you should be very selective about your choice. Choose the website which is secure enough so that you can have a surety that the money you are putting on the website is safe.
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How to choose a casino website - The options

There are a lot of different types of casino games that you can play and we know that one of them would be your favorite. However, while searching for a good website, you should not stick to just one game and it would be better to find a website that has a lot of different options. It should have games like slot, texas hold em (also spelled as 홀덤), and blackjack so that you can get something extra than what you wanted. You never know when you would want to play something else than what you wanted to. Choose a website having multiple options.
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New Bitcoin SV casino website -

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Buy Backlinks to your casino website

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TIFU by trying to get easy money on a casino website because I'm poor now I'm even more poor.

Hey guys this happened 15 minutes ago.
So I did this before and it worked, the thing is you have to do it on good casinos, not scam ones.
I found this casino called "casinomia" I wanted to use their 100% cash bonus, so I went there deposited 50€ ( I wanted to deposit 100€ thank god I didn't ) because I'm low on cash.
They gave a 50€ bonus and keeped my 50€ with they called "Real Money".
So I went and played some roulette bet on Red then on Black, it's a tecnic to get easy money if you are pacient, the thing is I start to notice that my real money keeps going down and my bonus money always stays on 50€, that means I'm always betting my real money first then my bonus one.
On a normal casino they bet you Bonus first then your Real One, So I tried to witdraw my 50€ and suprise Suprise it says that I have to use all of my bonus money first to widraw.
My question is how I'm I going to use my bonus money to widraw my real money if my real money gets spent first?
I tried they 24/7 chat and this happened ( Warning kinda Long and stupid):
Hi, nice to see you here. How can I help you?
Rafael 21:54 Hello my real balance keeps going down but my bonus balance always stays 50, no matter how much I win or lose I can't widraw E bet 50€ my real balance went down and my bonus stayed the same
📷 Alina 21:56 Please, speicify your question
Rafael 21:56 Where can I use my bonus balance?
📷 Alina 21:57 When you loose your own balance, you can ise yoir bonus balance
Rafael 21:58 I can't widraw my real balance because I always have bonus balance
📷 Alina 21:58 Checking You should wager your first deposit bonus fiesrt deposit bonus €50.00 wager required €2,500.00 amount wagered €21.00
Rafael 22:01 I can't wager my deposit bonus because I can't use it It always uses my real money I can't use the bonus all the games use my real money first
📷 Alina 22:02 You cn use bonus money when you lost your real one
Rafael 22:02 I don't want to lose my real one I want to lose the bonus so i can widraw the real one
📷 Alina 22:03 Firt you use your real mony and then bonus one There is no otherway
Rafael 22:04 I want my money back please I don't want to play on your casino I wan't a full refund
📷 Alina 22:04 You activated the bonus, we cannot cancel it Wager it
Rafael 22:04 Yes you can I cant wager it because i still have real money I want a refund
📷 Alina 22:05 You can ply with bonus money
Rafael 22:05 I can't if I have real money
📷 Alina 22:05 We cannot make a refund now
Rafael 22:05 Yes you can I wan't a refund right now full refund
📷 Alina 22:05 Wager your bonus and that is all
Rafael 22:06 I can't wager it it uses my real money first
📷 Alina 22:06 You can use your bnus money
Rafael 22:06 How ?
📷 Alina 22:08 Loose your real money and then you will be able to use bonus money
Rafael 22:08 Read carrefully please, I DONT WANT TO LOSE MY REAL MONEY I want to widraw it I wan't a refund
📷 Alina 22:09 You have an active bonus
Rafael 22:09 I don't want it
📷 Alina 22:09 You should wager it
Rafael 22:09 I wan't the amount I paid I you let me widraw Ill deposit more
📷 Alina 22:09 f you do not want a bonus, you do not need to activate it. I can no longer cancel it
Rafael 22:10 Yes you can Cancel it please
📷 Alina 22:10 I cannot
Rafael 22:10 I work in your area I know you can I wan't a refund It's not hard just process the refund
📷 Alina 22:10 I have replied you
📷 Alina 22:10 We cannot make refund
Rafael 22:10 I want a refund
📷 Alina 22:11 If you didn't have bonus, no problem
Rafael 22:11 I don't want the bonus it says I can cancel it Cancel it
📷 Alina 22:11 In your case there is n chance to make refund We cannot cancel the bonus as you started to wager it
Rafael 22:12 o withdraw funds with an active bonus you must either cancel it or wager. If the bonus is canceled, the bonus and winnings by this bonus burns out. Bonus funds are counted towards wagering. I want to cancel it
📷 Alina 22:14 You can cancel the bonus if you did not start wagering it, or if there is a small amount of your bonus left It is not your case
Rafael 22:14 Were is that writen in the faq?
📷 Alina 22:15 This is a common practice
Rafael 22:15 Not it isn't Where is it writen on the FAQ? What number please
📷 Alina 22:15 I have explained you everything
Rafael 22:15 I want the number Read
📷 Alina 22:15 I have explained you everything
Rafael 22:16 Oh reddit is gonna love this
So yeah I'm Fucked, do you guys know any way to get my money back? I used my debit card :\
TL;DR : Tried to get easy money on casino using their bonus , found out I can't widraw anything because I have a bonus, and I have to use all my real money to use my bonus and now I'm poor...
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Buying a casino website on flippa

I have seen a good Casino website to buy on flippa.
it is a very good website but the price is very vague like just $300 and the site verification is also decent and also the owner says they are selling coz of legal issues.
I'm new in flippa and wanted to ask you guys for tips and tricks.
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hey guys come and visit this amazing casino website

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The best casino website without a doubt Golden Tiger Casino - the Widest Choice of Online Casino Games!

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hello guys, i found an amazing blog of casino websites from japan please take a look

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hello friends, please check this amazing casino website from Canada

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hello guys please check it out this amazing casino website

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One of the best casino website to get all info about it.

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Online Casino Website

Online Casino Website
For online casino websites that are hot in 2020, this would be inevitable, we are ready to serve all gamblers with the best online casinos at the top level in the world, easy to play, find real money.
Lsm99, Thailand's No. 1 online casino website, is open to amateur services. Deposit-withdraw with the automatic system, fast, 24 hours a day, world-class web standards, direct web, not through agents stable finance playing for real money, transparent, without cheating, of course, Offers many casino games and online bets.
With a variety of betting games, whether baccarat, slots online, blackjack roulette, live casino, tiger, dragon, and various popular games have fun in seconds by second along with a realistic gambling experience as if sitting in a real casino. Through the website of the Lsm99 website, not directly through the agency play on both mobile computers, ios, and android systems, which are easy to use and comfortable, no matter where you are, you can play at any time.
Just sign up with Lsm99 today and receive a bonus of up to 30%, up to 1,000 baht, 24 hours, and many other promotions. Selected for you to choose every month, it has the best security system in Thailand. And there are administrators to give advice and serve you all the time whether it is a fast deposit-withdrawal service through an automatic system In just a few seconds, you will receive an instant bonus. You can play at the casino with Lsm99 easily within 5 minutes.
Revolutionary playing the old way played in a video or table (Table Game) because of Lsm99 online casino web site, we are the main web that opens a live casino or Live Casino, including famous casinos that provide betting services.
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Is there a way to download Slot Machine games from casino websites?

If the slot games can be played on the computer after loading, could it not be downloaded for offline play. I would like to make a collection of games just in case they were ever to be taken down. When I say taken down, I mean it could be possible that they continue a slot or 2 and remove it from the site.
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Looking for an Online Casino website for Indian Language? Then Pure Casino Supports multiple Indian languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada & Bengali.

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casino website

if you want to earn online money from casino, check out this website that i have found
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hello guys please take a look of this amazing casino website from Australia

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whats new guys i found an amazing casino website from Australia please check it out

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SELLING: CS:GO/Rust/Dota2 Casino Website (Multiple games) | 180€

I'm selling my Casino website that I used some time ago, it was working for csgo, but I added rust/dota2 deposit/withdraw. You can also
Price is negotiable.
  1. Roulette game (Be able to bet on black/red/green).
  2. Coinflip game (Play against other users. 50% chance to win)
  3. Jackpot game (Play agains other users, your chance to win depends on you and other users bet amount.
  4. Crash game (like
  5. Random steam key (Pay 1$ and you get random steam key)
Main Features:
I will provide support with any problem and help with installation of the site, but if you need complete install of the site or any new implementation we can talk about price
If you are interested contact me on Steam/Discord (I will show you live demo of the site working):
Demo: contact me at or prubiog#2958
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4 Tips To Choose The Best Online Casino Website  Casino ... WinWin - Casino Website WordPress Theme TMT Eben Topher ... The Casino Web Series Intimate Scenes Details  Mandana ... Things To Look For In A Trusted Online Casino Site - YouTube Online Casino Affiliate Webseite - Jetzt kostenlos ... Online Casino Website Template - YouTube Casino websites Best casino website - YouTube

Casino kostenlos spielen auf • Das deutsche Kasino Portal für Casino Games gratis spielen Spielautomaten Zocken muss bocken, daher Jetzt Casino online spielen! Online Casino, Spielothek & Spielhalle. Herzpochen, feuchte Hände, Knoten im Hals: Der Croupier dreht seine Karten um. Die Roulette-Kugel dreht ihre Runden, wird immer langsamer, und fällt schließlich auf eine Zahl.Die Walzen des Online Slots drehen sich ein letztes Mal, stoppen. Das Abenteuer, das dich im Betway Casino erwartet, lässt sich kaum beschreiben. Best online casino Australia quest ever from Bao. The most interesting and unusual offer of the casino is the quest Bao Way. There are 100 levels in the quest. Passing them, you accumulate points. In the future, you can exchange them for various prizes. These gifts may be: Free spins (with no wager); Money; Extra deposit bonus; Gadgets and other real prizes. When playing at Bao Casino, you can ... Das Vulkan Vegas Live Casino ist eine der besten Zufluchtsstätten für diejenigen, die Online Casinospiele aus der Ferne spielen möchten, sich aber dennoch nach dem Ambiente sehnen, das in einem echten Casino herrscht. Hier können Sie interagieren, spielen und das Gleiche tun wie in einem landbasierten Casino. Der Live Dealer Bereich bietet die besten Live Versionen von klassischem Baccarat ... Deutschsprachige Spieler lieben den CasinoClub, das Online-Casino mit den spannendsten Spielen, besten Boni, Top-Sicherheit und hervorragendem Service. BoaBoa Online Casino: Offizielle Website mit den besten Spielen. Menschen, die ein oder zwei Abende in einer guten Spielhalle verbringen möchten, können mit vielen Schwierigkeiten und Hindernissen konfrontiert werden. Manchmal kann ein Casino weit weg von Ihnen sein. Vielleicht sind Sie sich nicht ganz sicher, ob Sie in Alltagskleidung es besuchen dürfen - ein Spieler im Trainingsanzug ... Top 10 Casino Websites : List of Best Casino sites for 2021. Are you in search of the top casinos where you can play safely and enjoy hundreds of casino games at the same time? To be honest, you could easily lose your way given the sheer number of casinos in the virtual world. That could leave you more confused than ever. And that is why Top 10 ... Beste Online Casinos 2021 im Vergleich Seriöse Casinos mit Lizenzen für Deutsche Spieler TOP Casino Bonusangebote mit Startguthaben Casino Bonus 365. Wir richten uns ausschließlich an Besucher an deren aktuellen Aufenthaltsort das Mitspielen in Online Spielotheken legal ist und nicht gegen die gültige Gesetzeslage am Aufenthaltsort des Besuchers verstößt. Dank des benutzerfreundlichen Website-Designs können Sie ganz einfach durch dieses Meer großartiger online Casino-Spiele navigieren. Zahlreiche Kategorien machen Ihre Suche viel bequemer. Jedes Glücksspiel hat nicht nur seine eigene Kategorie, sondern es gibt auch separate Rubriken für neue, populäre und beliebte Spiele.

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4 Tips To Choose The Best Online Casino Website Casino ...

With loads of online casino sites(, it is complicated for every gambler to select the perfect gambling site to cater to their be... Download here: Casino Website Template is a pre-made profes... More features and experiences are in : -----... 4 Tips To Choose The Best Online Casino Website Casino Tutorial Betting Guide Rescuebet Welcome to another Online Casino video series by Rescuebet. Are... Latest Indian Web Series and Web Shows ReviewThe Casino Web Series All Episodes Zee5 Link - . JOIN NOW HERE: offers List of Best Online Casino Websites for 2016 as well as bonus and tournament deals offered by each internet casino rooms. "Casino" is a 1995 American epic crime drama film directed by "Martin Scorsese" and starring "Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone".Casino was released o... GAPVO ist für die jenigen, die sofort mit einem schlüsselfertigen Casino Affiliate Webseite starten möchten. Und das komplett kostenlos! Erfahre jetzt wie ... ##### #### JOIN NOW HERE: #### ##### Find listings of the top 10 casino...