MDN_0212DG | Language Integrated Query | Entity Framework

OakLeaf Systems is a Northern California software consulting organization specializing in developing and writing about Windows Azure, Windows Azure SQL Database, Windows Azure SQL Data Sync, Windows Azure SQL Database Federations, Windows Azure Mobile Services and Web Sites, Windows Phone 8, LINQ, ADO.NET Entity Framework, OData and WCF Data Services, SQL Server 2008+, and Visual Studio NoTracking LINQ Queries When discussing performance with clients, Mirage Resort and Casino YOUR MAP TO THE . storageCredentials) {} public DataServiceQuery<FastMotorcycleListItem> Items {get {return this.CreateQuery<FastMotorcycleListItem>("FastBikes"); }}} Figure 9 The FastMotorcycleListDataProvider, FastMotorcycleListItem and FastMotorcycleList Classes Figure 8 Workow for Mobile

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