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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Nov. 6, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
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  • Bret Hart officially announced his retirement this week due to concussions he suffered starting back at Starrcade from a Goldberg kick. Doctors actually speculated that Hart may have had a concussion going into the match, but the kick magnified the damage. Following the Goldberg match, Hart continued to wrestle for a couple of weeks and got rocked again several times, particularly in a hardcore match with Terry Funk. Doctors said he's suffered about 10% brain damage, some of which may be permanent. Despite the injury, there was always the possibility that he could have remained an on-screen character in some role. But Hart was fired by WCW last week, which basically left him with no real options, since he has no intention of ever working for WWF again and said he doesn't want to end his career by working his way down the minor league food chain like so many other wrestlers do. Dave says Hart will be remembered for many things, and while his career had no shortage of memorable moments, the name Bret Hart will always be mostly associated with what happened in Montreal 3 years ago and with the death of his brother Owen. The first was the most historically influential match in modern times and Owen's death was the biggest mainstream news story in wrestling history. The last 3 years of Bret's life have been hell, from a disappointing WCW run, injuries, and the utter destruction of the Hart family in the wake of Owen's death. Dave thinks it's sad because if this was Japan or Mexico, the wrestling culture there is different. If a star on the level of Bret Hart retired there, they would have elaborate retirement ceremonies and make a huge deal of it. But here in America, he was double-crossed out of the WWF to avoid giving him a fond farewell, and then he was unceremoniously fired from WCW rather than having a chance to officially retire in the ring or give a speech for his fans. Then again, with the state of WCW, nobody would have believed a Bret Hart retirement speech anyway, since everyone would just suspect an angle. But it sucks that he's having to hang up the boots while unemployed and with no outlet to be given the send-off he deserves.
  • Dave recaps Bret's career, starting as a teenager in the Amarillo territory with Dory Funk, his time in Japan, and then starting in Stampede and working his way up the ladder there (he started as an opening match jobber). Forming the Hart Foundation with Neidhart, their years together in WWF, his singles run, becoming IC and WWF champion when business was down and Vince needed someone who wasn't exploding with steroids to be the face of the company. As WWF champion, business was weak in the U.S. but Hart was a huge draw when WWF toured internationally (which they did a lot more back then because U.S. business was so bad). And then of course, Shawn Michaels, the Screwjob, and off to WCW where he was the hottest star in the business upon arrival. But from there, he was the victim of injuries and horrible booking and Hart in WCW never clicked. Dave goes on and on about the countless times WCW dropped the ball with how they booked Bret. Anyway, Hart has ruled out ever wrestling again, for fear of more brain damage and not wanting to live the rest of his life as a drooling vegetable. He also shot down the idea of ever being a manager because he's unhappy with the direction of the business and says he's leaving the industry entirely, not just the in-ring part. He plans to spend the next year working on a book about his life and doing some acting. Luckily, he should be well off financially. He earned north of 7 figures during his last four years in the business and has a Lloyds of London disability policy that will pay him the equivalent of 6 months salary, which will be another million or so.
  • Bret Hart announced his retirement in his Calgary Sun column and since you can't just easily find this online anymore, here's what Bret wrote:
There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That'll be the beginning." -- Louis La'Amour.
I'm really sorry to have to say that my professional wrestling career is over--forever. Although I've expected it to end for some time now, I could in no way ever prepare for it.
I suppose it doesn't do much good to speak negatively about how this or that has gone for me. I feel it is more fitting right now to remember the more positive aspects of my long and great career. I have not one regret. I'm proud of all my achievements, especially my seven World Heavyweight Championships.
I will miss the cities, the countries, especially the people--all colours, all religions, all ages, all languages. I've always tried my absolute best in every match, in every city, big or small, in countries all around the world.
I cannot begin to explain how proud I am to have touched so many people with the ability to wrestle. My heart is filled with memories. Like when I was mobbed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem by Palestinian children, tears in their eyes, kissing my hands. In Belfast, Ireland, being cheered on by both Catholic and Protestant fans, the emotions that poured out as I walked around the ring high-fiving our victory together. The time I was in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, where they waved Canadian flags and chanted O Canada! I could go on endlessly, but maybe it's easier to say I was privileged to be the only world champion who really travelled the world.
I hope that my fans who have kept the faith, believing in me, may in some small way take some lesson from me that will help them in their lifetime. I will never forget how touched I was in Rochester, N.Y. in one of my last matches, when a bunch of die-hard fans held up a sign that read: Parking $10, Program $5, Ticket $35, watching Bret Hitman Hart wrestle--priceless."
I'm forever grateful for the doors that opened bringing me to America. Thank you for having me, for giving me so much. I thank all my fans everywhere. I owe you all for everything I am.
As for the wrestlers, it would mean a lot to me to always be remembered as "one of the boys." I've made great friendships that will last my lifetime and look forward to an easier life filled with reminiscing.
To all of you who worked with me, carried me, and trusted me, those who allowed my success to continue while theirs did not, all from a deep sense of tradition and honour. I tried to always work hard to be champion in your eyes first. My greatest accomplishment is knowing that I never seriously harmed one wrestler. It may not seem important, but I want it remembered that in all the years I never, ever refused to lose to another wrestler--except once--and that was that fateful day in Montreal, where it's clear that I stood up for "the boys."
I could begin to list all the great wrestlers I either watched or worked with, but it would take forever. I will simply say that I'd give anything to climb into the ring with so many of you just one more time. To most people, wrestling is stupid, it's fake, it doesn't mean anything. When I think about it, I'm reminded of a quote by George Braque: "Art is a sound turned to light."
I drift back to a time when I was 23 years old, wrestling for my father, in Regina, making $150 a night. It looked like it was going to be a near full crowd on hand to see me take on my arch rival, The Dynamite Kid, in a ladder match. The title and a bag supposedly containing $5,000 dangled from a string above the ring. Whoever could climb the ladder and grab it first would be the winner.
We were both so young when I look back on it now, so intense, when the bell rang, we tore into each other, ferociously, eventually spilling out onto the floor. I went to slam Dynamite's head into a steel chair. He, of course, had his hands up for protection, but I had no idea he would hit it so hard. His head bounced back, I tried to turn, but our heads smashed. I split the back of his head open and shattered my face, one of those rare accidents.
I could tell it was bad. I could poke my finger through a gaping hole in the middle of my nose. The blood poured. We fought on. I remember Dynamite jumping up high, gripping that heavy steel ladder coming down straight down on my head. I didn't move. The crowd gasped. I dreamed a smile--because he never even touched me. He really was the best. Finally, I had him right where I wanted him, but the referee was down. That's when J.R. Foley crept up on the apron and whacked me across the back with his heavy walking stick. Down I went. The crowd was furious--so unfair. Dynamite began to climb to the top, his fingers reaching. Suddenly, I jumped up, throwing a perfect desperation drop kick, just like he asked me. "...just barely touch the ladder with your toes. I'll control how I go over."
Sure enough, the ladder wobbled and tipped, he grimaced, over they both went, with amazing timing. Dynamite leapt off, straddling the top rope, bouncing up and out right on top of J.R. Foley. But the ladder hit the top rope with such force, bouncing all the way back, heading right toward me. I was lucky I saw it. I rolled and rolled as fast as I could. It crashed with a thud, missing my head by only inches. I sat up, checking to see if Dynamite was hurt. He appeared to be all right, but still both of us knew we'd be going for some stitches.
He was riding with me, so he had to duck down when we drove past the fans on the way to the Pasqua Hospital. From there, we drove back home, all night, so that we could wrestle the following night, too tired to say a word to each other.
But if I can stop right somehow try and explain just what it is that I will miss the most about wrestling, I loved it all so much. I stood that big steel ladder up, one step up, climbing higher and higher, the crowd soaring with me, louder and louder, the blood dripping off my nose...reaching...I pulled that belt down and there it was--it happened. The crowd exploded.
We blew the roof loud I could not hear a single sound except the beating of my own heart. If you're lucky enough to find a way of life you live, you also have to find the courage to finally say goodbye.
I'll put my guns in the ground. I can't shoot them any more.
  • The WWF/Owen Hart lawsuit was verbally settled out of court, pending a court approval scheduled later this week. Various sources have pegged the settlement at $18 million. It's believed Stu and Helen Hart will receive somewhere between $2-3 million, with the rest going to Martha Hart and her two young children. Martha told the Calgary Sun that the whole ordeal has been a nightmare and she can't say much more for legal reasons but that she's satisfied with the settlement. It's believed that WWF may file suit against the company that manufactured the rigging equipment, but Vince McMahon would only say that they are exploring their options on that. Martha Hart had previously vowed she would never settle before the case went to court, but those close to her say she was tired of the stress and was particularly upset that the case had torn the Hart family apart. Stu and Helen in particular were eager to settle and get it over with. The first round of settlement talks went poorly, with McMahon reportedly offering $17 million and refusing to budge, while Martha's initial asking price was said to be $32 million. It ended with Martha "cutting a promo" on Vince (oh Dave...) and talks broke off. The case was made more complicated by different Hart members' inability to stop talking to the media against lawyers' advice. At one point, Ellie Neidhart (Nattie's mom), who has sided against her parents and with WWF in the case, took a document from Stu Hart regarding all of the Hart children getting money out of the case and passed it on to WWF's lawyers, which engulfed the Hart lawyers in a storm of controversy and nearly blew up their whole case. The original Feb. 2001 court date was postponed indefinitely following that and with no new court date in sight so it was likely to continue dragging on for months and maybe even years. So ultimately, Martha decided to settle (yeah I think to this day, Martha blames Ellie for almost destroying the case and that's why she was forced to settle). As of press time, Bret Hart hasn't yet commented on the settlement, but he knew it was coming. He was on the Observer Live online show the day before it was finalized and said he understood Martha's position and would support whatever decision she made.
  • The downward spiral of Davey Boy Smith hit a new low this week when he was arrested on 2 separate occasions for allegedly threatening the life of his estranged wife, Diana Hart-Smith. Dave talks about Smith's worsening drug problems in recent years along with all his health issues in between and how he's been in and out of the hospital constantly in the last two years. He also had a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago, multiple rehab stints, etc. Anyway, Smith was arrested on Oct. 25th and again on Oct. 26th. The first time, it was on 2 counts of threatening to kill his wife and her sister Ellie (again...Nattie's mom). After being released the next day, he allegedly threatened his wife again and was arrested again. She thought he was still in custody and went back to the house and was surprised to find him there and that led to the second arrest. Police have been to their house several times in the last few months for domestic disputes. There was also an incident a while back with Smith getting into a fight with Diana's new boyfriend, a Stampede wrestler who wrestles under the name Dick Butkus Jr. during which 85-year-old Stu Hart had to get involved and help break it up. Anyway, Smith spent this past weekend behind bars in Calgary, spending his time signing autographs for other inmates, but was released on the 30th on bail. But he faces 5 charges related to all his threats. Part of the conditions for his release were paying a $10,000 fine and he's not allowed to have any contact with Diana, Ellie, Bruce Hart, or Diana's new boyfriend. (Dave later mentions that Davey Boy is shacking up with Bruce's estranged wife Andrea now. Man, this fuckin' family, I tell ya...) He's also not allowed to drink or take any non-prescribed drugs and is ordered to stay away from where his wife is staying, along with staying away from Bruce Hart's home and Stu Hart's home. He was also ordered to enter rehab, even though he denied in court that he still has a drug problem.
  • Davey Boy is still under WWF contract, though he hasn't wrestled a match in months. But the WWF has suspended him pending the company's own investigation of the charges. In the past, he blamed his drug issues and back problems from taking a bump on Ultimate Warrior's trap door in the ring when he was in WCW. Dave recaps the series of events that led to him getting rehired by WWF and talks about how they hired Jim Neidhart back as well and it was no secret that Smith, Diana, and Neidhart's wife Ellie were all planning to testify against the family in the Owen Hart case if it had gone to trial. So it wasn't exactly a coincidence that both Smith and Neidhart got jobs that neither of them really had any business getting (Neidhart was hired as a trainer, which everyone knew he wasn't qualified for and Smith was brought back as a wrestler despite a crippling back injury and more crippling drug problem). Neidhart was quietly released a few weeks ago and with the Owen Hart lawsuit finally settled, it probably doesn't look good for Smith (indeed, he never stepped foot in the WWF again).
  • WCW Halloween Havoc is in the books and was possibly the worst wrestling PPV of the year. At this point, you'd think everyone in WCW would be putting their best foot forward to impress potential buyers, especially if that buyer ends up being the WWF and Vince becomes their new boss. But it was almost all bad matches and abysmal booking. The only bright side is that it was in Vegas and a lot of the tickets were sold to casinos for giveaways, so the show ended up being one of the biggest live gates WCW has had in awhile, even if the crowd wasn't exactly all wrestling fans. Russo is now out of the picture (claiming post-concussion syndrome and stress), but the show was booked by guys like Ed Ferrara and Bill Banks, who are basically mini-Russos and are just keeping his chair warm. So it wasn't quite the same scattershot chaos as most Russo-booked shows, but it still had the same lack of understanding about what makes a good wrestling show that Russo has perfected. Everyone involved (Ferrara, Banks, Terry Taylor, Johnny Ace, etc.) were told to continue Russo's stories rather than changing direction so everything mostly stayed the same.
  • Other notes from Halloween Havoc: the opening tag title three-way match was the best and really only good match on the show., due to Mysterio, Kidman, and Alex Wright's performances. In typical WCW fashion, they had a top notch snafu showing Palumbo and Stasiak in their street clothes backstage, just seconds after being in their gear and doing a run-in on the previous match. So they put up a thing on the screen that said "taped earlier in the day" to cover for it, but then during the segment, Palumbo and Stasiak were talking about what they just did in the ring minutes earlier. David Flair looked totally lost in his first blood match with Bagwell and even though he's been a midcard star in WCW for over a year now, Dave says if he went to OVW, he'd still be the worst guy on the roster. David Flair is just not ready for the big leagues and it shows. Negative star. Mike Sanders vs. The Cat in a kickboxing match was a total clusterfuck that Cat apparently refused to do the job for since it's "his" gimmick match, so he lost by count-out instead, even though the time limit for the last round had already expired and it was just a mess. Negative half star. Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro is negative 2.5 stars. That's three matches in a row in the negatives, with 2 DUD rankings book-ending them. Dave expected Awesome/Vampiro to actually be good but it had more blown spots than any match he's seen on PPV in years. They were apparently supposed to do a table spot to end the match but they couldn't find any tables under the ring and the match fell apart and Vampiro ended up taking a top rope powerbomb that gave him a concussion and shook him up badly (didn't stop WCW from having him take another powerbomb at the Thunder taping the next day, even though he told them beforehand about the concussion, but we'll get there). And babyface world champion Booker T was booed by a good chunk of the crowd during his match with Scott Steiner.
  • The latest PRIDE event in Japan drew a sellout crowd mostly due to so many pro wrestlers being involved. It also saw Naoya Ogawa defeat Masaaki Satake in a match most people believed was worked. Ogawa is Antonio Inoki's protege and he's keeping Ogawa protected. Dave says it definitely helps Ogawa keep his name and star power in a highly publicized match, but it doesn't say a lot for PRIDE's credibility. There's also suspicion that Nobuhiko Takada's fight against Igor Vovchanchyn was somewhat worked. Takada lost, but Igor is one of the top ranked heavyweights in the world and Takada went nearly 2 full rounds with him. Most people suspect the finish wasn't worked, but that Igor was told to take it easy on him because Takada is still a big draw and they wanted him to look strong in defeat against a guy he had no chance with. There were several other wrestlers on the card as well. Inoki came out at intermission and announced he was putting together his own show at the Osaka Dome for New Year's Eve (this ends up being the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye show, which also sees Inoki come out of retirement for his final "match" ever. More on all this in a bit).
  • Genichiro Tenryu, at age 51, defeated Toshiaki Kawada to win the tournament and be crowned AJPW's newest Triple Crown champion, filling the vacancy left over after previous champion Kobashi left for NOAH. This complicates the AJPW/NJPW angle. There's 2 Tokyo Dome shows coming up in January. The first is NJPW's Jan. 4th show and there's another one near the end of the month that's an AJPW show, but will have some NJPW involvement. But Motoko Baba wants to protect the champion because she's hoping AJPW will still survive after the NJPW angle is over. In the past, companies like UWFI and WAR were desperate to survive and started working with NJPW, only to be devoured by NJPW's booking and left to die after the angle ran its course. Mrs. Baba is hoping to avoid the same fate, so she's not going to let Tenryu work a NJPW show and lose (remember, at the last show, NJPW's champion Kensuke Sasaki lost to Kawada and they won't let that happen 2 times in a row). Now that he's not the champion, it frees Kawada up to have a rematch with Sasaki, where he will presumably return the favor and do the job, but it won't be to unify the titles anymore.
WATCH: Genichiro Tenryu vs. Toshiaki Kawada - AJPW Triple Crown Championship match
  • Let's look at some various poll results. Every issue has results for the polls they run online every day or so. Usually I skip over these because they're boring but they're kinda interesting this week. "How should WCW handle the situation with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall" got 55% of voters saying Nash should be suspended for going off script on live TV. As for the future of ECW, 30% of voters think it won't last much longer, while most everyone else thinks it will struggle but continue to survive. Whoops. And finally, Bret Hart's greatest match was 35% for the match with Owen at WM10 and 33% for the match with Austin at WM13.
  • Stan Hansen has an autobiography that was released in Japanese that is selling like crazy in Japan. Hansen is near the end of his career, but he's probably the most popular American wrestler in Japanese history and has been a top star there since the 70s. (Hansen had an English autobiography released in 2012 called The Last Outlaw. I'm not sure if it's the same book translated to English or if there's another one out there in Japanese from 12 years earlier).
  • NOAH will hold tournaments early next year to crown their first heavyweight, tag team, and junior heavyweight champions.
  • Shinya Hashimoto was pulled out of upcoming NJPW shows because they're apparently doing an angle where he is starting his own promotion, in order to do a feud with NJPW (turns out this wasn't an angle at all. Hashimoto really did get fired from NJPW around this time and started Pro Wrestling Zero-One. The real story there is murky and no one seems to know for sure exactly what led to his firing. I think he ended up doing one or two more matches for NJPW over the next year or so, but otherwise, this is the end of Hashimoto in NJPW).
  • Dave recently had a chance to read the book "Bodyslams!" by former WCW ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta and liked it. It's not better than Mick Foley's book or anything, but Dave gives it credit for accuracy. Mostly it glosses over a lot of the scandalous stuff and is more about Cappetta's personal experiences rather than giving much detail on what was happening in the business at the time. Dave thinks the book could have gone into more detail on the things going on behind the scenes in WCW during pivotal periods like when Jim Herd, Kip Frey, or Bill Watts was in charge. Overall, definitely better than The Rock's farce of a book but still lacking what made Foley's and Dynamite Kid's books so fascinating.
  • Steve Allen, the famous comedian and first ever host of the Tonight Show, died last week at age 78. This is only relevant here because most recently, Allen has been one of the lead spokespeople for the PTC and has been one of the most vocal opponents of WWF programming. Ironically enough, early in his career, Allen worked on TV as a wrestling announcer in the 1950s, though he never took it seriously, and in 1990, he appeared at Wrestlemania 6.
  • The documentary "Gaea Girls", which is about a young woman trying to get into Japanese women's wrestling, has been winning some awards and been admitted to some film festivals.
WATCH: Gaea Girls documentary
  • "Walker: Texas Ranger" this week did an episode loosely based on Owen Hart's death. It's about a wrestler, in costume, who fell from the ceiling during a show. Although in the case of this show, it was a murder ordered by a ruthless promoter trying to take over the territory of another promoter, who's a kind, older guy. The obvious parallels were a more evil version of Vince McMahon and a gentler version of Stu Hart. Dave thought the episode sucked and also got really sad by it. Dave says he hasn't watched Over The Edge again since Owen's death and seeing it fictionally re-enacted for a TV show was really depressing.
WATCH: Walker: Texas Ranger re-enacts Owen Hart's death
  • Scott Hall was arrested this week for probation violation while he was already in court for a child custody hearing. This charge stems from some 1998 case where he keyed up a limo outside a strip club in Orlando. At the time, Hall had been given probation and ordered to complete a bunch of community service by April of 2000. He never completed the community service, so....probation violation. Hall was in court with his estranged wife Dana and he filed for sole custody of their 2 children, claiming Dana is "emotionally and mentally unstable and an unfit parent" but then Hall got arrested at the courthouse and the hearing was postponed. Speaking of, Dana herself has had 2 contempt-of-court charges against her recently for refusing to let Hall have visitation with their kids when she was supposed to.
  • PPV news: CMLL in Mexico is holding a big year end show in December and are negotiating for it to air on PPV in the U.S., which would be the first Lucha Libre PPV to air here since When Worlds Collide in 1994. And remember a few months back when a promoter in Australia brought in Dennis Rodman and a bunch of other kinda big name stars and ran a show? Well it will also air on PPV in the U.S. and Canada and Mexico next month. That show was headlined by Rodman vs. Curt Hennig which ended in a double-count out because apparently Rodman refused to do the job. Word is that show was terrible, like this year's version of Heroes of Wrestling, but Australia is so starved for live wrestling that the crowd heat was still off-the-charts.
  • Juventud Guerrera worked an indie show in Puerto Rico and right now, he's trying to get hired in WWF, or at least stay out of trouble long enough to get rehired by WCW. Guerrera has reached out to WWF through friends he has there, but after what happened with him last month in Australia, WWF apparently isn't interested.
  • The latest OVW show saw Nick Dinsmore win the OVW title from Rob Conway. On the same show, Brock Lesnar wrestled a dark match against former UFC fighter Ron Waterman. Lesnar won and hey, who knows, maybe he's got a future in beating up UFC fighters.
  • Ted Dibiase and Nikita Koloff are on a church tour together where they wrestle matches against each other and then preach sermons or something.
  • The lines between wrestling and MMA got blurrier this week when Atsushi Onita went to the PRIDE offices and met with their promoter. Onita then issued a challenge to Antonio Inoki for a match, saying he wants to retire (of course) and his last match has to be with Inoki. PRIDE officials put out a statement saying they wouldn't promote one of Onita's exploding barbed wire matches, but that they would gladly promote Inoki vs. Onita under PRIDE rules in their ring. Inoki responded, telling reporters that he's retired. There's rumor that Onita will be appearing at Inoki's New Year's Eve show to set up some kind of angle.
  • Paul Heyman and Sabu have a court date scheduled for later this month over their issues. If you remember, Sabu left ECW to go try to go to WCW but his contract prevented it. Heyman then sued Sabu for breach of contract when he started working other shows (particularly for XPW). Meanwhile, Sabu has also filed some legal paperwork to try to get out of his contract, so hopefully that will all be settled soon.
  • Speaking of ECW, there doesn't seem to be anything new happening on the TV front. Negotiations with USA have apparently stalled. So....not great news. The latest episode of ECW Hardcore TV shows the signs of how things are going. The in-ring action was good but the show is beginning to look more and more low-budget by the week, as the company continues struggling to stay afloat. The announcers weren't flown in (it was dubbed in later in post-production) and the lighting was terrible.
  • Still nothing new on the sale of WCW but rumors are flying like crazy because everyone is paranoid. For the first time, in an interview, Linda McMahon acknowledged that it's true that WWF is in discussions to purchase WCW but word is no substantial progress has been made yet.
  • Notes from Nitro: it was a sad episode because the crowd was tiny and it almost felt like a bad indie show, especially because the small crowd was pretty dead. It was a disaster, with a total of 1,454 fans in the building and only 768 of them paid. Even worse, they tried to paper it but only 33% of the free tickets that were given out were used. WCW literally can't even give this shit away. Ric Flair returned as the new CEO of WCW and got almost no pop at all from the crowd, then cut a boring promo. Dave thinks it's sad that this is where things have gotten for him. The greatest of all time, cutting middling promos in front of a small crowd for a dying company. Then Jarrett came out to talk and the mic went dead. The fans chanted for Scott Hall all through the Kronik/Palumbo & Stasiak match. Kevin Nash was on commentary but after last week, he was finally ordered to stop talking about Hall. So instead of mentioning Hall himself, when the crowd started chanting, Nash kept asking, "What are they chanting?" but the other announcers wouldn't acknowledge him.
  • Thunder was taped immediately after Nitro and the only notable thing there was a Lance Storm vs. Norman Smiley match that was apparently so bad that Storm went on his website afterward and pre-emptively apologized to the fans for the match. As of press time, it hasn't aired yet so I guess we'll see (the 2000 Thunders aren't on the Network and I can't find this online, so no idea how bad it was or wasn't).
  • Backstage morale in WCW isn't great, which probably goes without saying. Word is much of the crew, wrestlers and backstage employees alike, are so drained by all the negativity and sale rumors that everyone has pretty much mentally quit. They're all just going through the motions every week now while waiting to see what's going to happen with their jobs.
  • Buff Bagwell did an interview with the Observer website a few days before the Halloween Havoc PPV and had plenty of interesting things to say. He ripped on Vince Russo for the way he booked himself along with guys like Luger and DDP and basically just how awful Russo's booking is. He also complained about WCW fining people for showing up late. He complained about not getting a big raise like everyone else got back in 1998 because he was out with a neck injury when Bischoff was giving raises and complained about being underpaid compared to all the other "A-talent" like himself. Talked about how screwed up WCW is, saying Lex Luger is being paid $1.3 million a year to do jobs for Hugh Morrus. "Are you kidding me? Hugh is a great guy and all that, but he's not A-talent. I love him to death, but he's never going to draw a dime. We're talking about drawing money and he's never going to draw a fuckin' dime. And Luger is putting him over at house shows? Nothing is adding up. I know for a fact that if they try to get me to job for (David) Flair at Havoc, I'm going to walk out the door. I'm not doing it." In response to all this, WCW put Hugh Morrus over big on Nitro while they had Bagwell job to Luger in 2 minutes on the same show. Well, at least someone in WCW gets punished for the shit they say.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For only the second time ever in writing these Rewinds, I have hit the 40,000 character limit. So once again, the rest of this Rewind will be posted in a comment below, so keep scrolling. Upvote it for visibility I guess?

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Do you visit either parent in prison? Do you plan on trying to have a real relationship with either when they get out? I've visited my dad once. He's in Virginia so I'm not able to visit much. I'm not sure I would want to even if he was right next door. I visit my mom more often. I love my mom with everything I have. She had a serious gambling problem, and it lead to her demise. But everyone that knew her would say she is the sweetest, kindest, most good-hearted person. Nobody expected that out of her. She was desperate, and she went too far. Me and her still have a great relationship, although I'm pissed that I have to pay for all of her mistakes. I love her unconditionally. With my dad, it's a little different story. When he was out, he was a GREAT father to me. Everyone thought he was super dad. Was always taking me camping, playing basketball with me, playing with my dolls with me. So then he gets arrested for all of these terrible things, and I have to question everything he was. Was it all fake? I'm not sure. Was he using me as bate so he could get my friends to come over? Yes. Did he love me? I think so. I'm hesitant to answer his calls, I'm bitter to him, I can't forgive him. But at the same time he's my dad and I love him, so I can't just leave him high and dry. He isn't getting out until he is in his 80's, so I guess I don't really have to worry about having a real relationship with him when/if he gets out. :/
I hear ya, all those feelings concerning your dad sound really natural and confusing. As hard as it must be, it sounds like you're processing them well. Glad to hear that you are close with your mom! I hope your living situation gets smoothed over soon! Thank you. After I turn 17 it won't be such a struggle because I'll be able to make my own living decisions. Until then, I guess I'm a run away! Haha. But yeah, I think I'm doing a good job handling things. I wasn't for the longest time, but lately I'm doing much better.
Really off topic, but you're a great writer for a 16 year old. Best of luck! Thank you! I write a lot of poetry, and also try to write short stories but can never finish them. :/
You sound like a very strong and intelligent person- I have no doubt you will be the type of person who inspires everyone you meet! Hey thanks! I hope so. I like to think the reason all of this happened to me is so I can help people in the future.
I have a feeling you will. I really hope so.
Why are your parents in prison? My dad got 33 years for making and distributing child pornography and sleeping with my babysitter. My mom got 12 years for armed robbery.
How old was your babysitter? 14-15.
Jesus Christ, you must have a story to tell. Yep, I've got quite a few.
Even though she couldn't legally consent was it consentual or straight out rape? Ijust can't see how a fucking 14 year old would willingly do this with someone so much older. How old was your dad when he did this? I think, at first, she may have consented. But then as time went on, she realized how messed up it was. She only stayed around to protect me. She's a really good person.
What's your dad's name? I want to see if I can find the story. My dad was in his 40s, as his name is Kenneth W. Miller.
My question, are you a trouble maker too because of your parents? No, I'm not a trouble maker. I like to think I'm a good person despite all of this. I've done things worthy of trouble, but I've never been in trouble and I don't have a destructive mindset.
I would be willing to hear some of them, if that's cool. I went upstairs to ask my dad what we were having for dinner, and he was in his room looking through a peep hole, kind of shaking. I just dismissed it and walked away as I thought be might have been praying or something. Turns out he had drilled a hole in the closet wall through to the bathroom. He was looking at my babysitter getting dressed after her shower.
He would NEVER let me use his computer. EVER. One time I walked downstairs to where he was on his computer, and I kind of heard a peep of some moaning or something of the sort. He shut his laptop so quickly and changed the subject. He was looking at the porn.
He told me about a pen pal he had in Indiana. Turns out the dude was sending him child pornography.
At night, my babysitter would cuddle with me extremely closely. She would wrap her legs all over me and hug me really tight. Turns out she was protecting me and herself from my dad. Because at night, he would come into the room and molest her.
That's really bad. Do you have any want/need to see him again? If you ever need someone to talk to about general things you can. I'm not sure how I feel about him right now. I don't think I can resolve this easily.
Wow, that sounds like a traumatic place to live. I'm sorry that you experienced something like that. Do you still keep in contact with your babysitter or father? Was the babysitter a relative of yours or just a family friend? Thanks for sharing the story by the way, it's quite interesting. She went to church at the same place me and my dad went, so he figured it would be a good idea for her to babysit me. I ha a conversation with her a few weeks about the whole situation. We're on good terms. My dad still calls me, and we talk, but I'm not very talkative.
Not sure if this was asked. Why did you have a sitter if your dad was home? Why did she shower at your house? Why did she spend the night? Why did she keep that job? Did your mom know? Where was she at night? Do you know if your parents were ever sexually abused when they were young? The babysitter would stay the night because my dad sometimes worked nights, but after a while she started staying mostly all the time. She practically lived with us. Im not entirely sure why she kept the job. It probably had to do with the fact that she was sort of seeing my dad, and she was scared to leave. She also claims she was protecting me. One day they got in a fight and he threatened to fire her. That's when she turned him in to the police.
Being a little girl, I didn't realize there was anything suspicious about Her being there so often My mom thought something fishy was going on, but she wanted to believe everything was fine because he was my dad. She talked to the police about him once and they said because there was no evidence, they couldn't do an investigation. My mom felt really guilty after he was arrested, and I hope the police did too.
My mom and dad were divorced, so she didn't know what was going on at all. She just had a gut feeling that something was wrong. And no, they weren't sexually abused that I know of.
Yeah I figure you wouldn't be, so are you at a foster home or something? How old were you when they were both put away? My dad was arrested when I was in 5th grade. My mom, when I was in 8th. I moved in with my aunt first, then my grandma, then my friend's parents, and now I'm in Texas with my sisters.
What do you plan to do once you turn 18? What do you want to pursue? I plan to go to UT for psychology. After my dad got arrested, (I was in 5th grade) I had to go to therapy. My therapist was really cold, and joked around about my situation. I think if I would have had good counseling throughout that period, I would have been able to cope much better. So, I want to be a child psychologist because I know how vital it is to have someone guide you through a hard time. I want to be there for kids so they don't have to go through the same thing I did.
Just so you know, psychology has one of the lowest rates for getting a job in your field after graduation. If you are serious, expect grad school, and interning, and all kinds of certification to get a job. you'll probably be in school mode at least 10 years. reference: my wife is a psychologist. I know, that's what I'm kind of freaking out about. But I feel like its my calling.
You're going to do great, son. Actually, I'm a lady. Hahhaha but thank you!
I think if it is your passion you will find a job that fulfills you, just don't expect to earn much. But here's hoping you marry rich & get the best of both worlds! ;) Yeah, we'll see! I have a year to think about it all and get more information about my possible career choices, so I hoping I'll figure it out and find something that suits me and will give me a comfortable life.
I wanted to have a Captain America moment with the son... Alas! But I really do admire you, so there! Oh crap, I'm sorry I ruined your moment, man. Haha.
I see, I see. It's good that you don't hate her for it. If you need someone to talk to, just drop me a PM or something? +8GMT timezone, though, but I am always willing to spend time talking to someone on the Internet. Awesome, well we shall keep in touch!
For someone who's had a lot happen in his young life, what keeps you going? What things are you looking forward to at this point? Nothing, for a long time. I've contemplated killing myself a number of times. For a while, I didn't care about anything. I was so pissed off at everything and life didn't seem worth living. God, I was so pissed. But after a while, I just had to carry on. I realized I can't spend my whole life like that. I just had to toughen up and live. Things don't get better with time, I've just become familiar with my emotions. It's a part of me that I can't do anything to change. So I accept them now. Last month I came to Texas, and the change of scenery was so good for me. Now I'm just looking forward to what's to come, whatever it is. I'm open to everything and I'm just excited to see what my life will bring me :)
If even the promise of the next day is what keeps you going, good on you. It's better than whatever the alternative might be. Stay strong, buddy. Yeah, I agree. And thank you. There's not much a person can do but keep going.
Things don't get better with time, I've just become familiar with my emotions. As someone who has dealt with depression - THIS. Well said. Thanks. It's so true to me. As long as you can find a way to deal with how you feel, the emotions become second nature.
Last month you came to Texas? I live in Houston, so welcome to the fire we call July and August. lol. Hahaha thanks man. Im not used to this in Michigan. The other day I was going somewhere, and it was so hot outside but I was like, "you know what fuck this, I do what I want! I'm wearing jeans and a sweater!!!"
Wasn't the best decision I've ever made..
Where in Texas are you at? I don't have much to offer but my company and a home-cooked meal, but if you have use for either? I could use some friends here. Wanna PM me and prove you're not a rapist? Haha.
I'm. In the same. Situation. My mom killed my dad. And she is serving a life sentence. And I don't have my dad any more. This has left me very lonley. And scared. How has your life been changed? I'm so sorry. :( If you ever need someone to talk to, just PM me. I'd be happy to help you with anything you need.
My life is completely different than I ever thought it would be. Getting out of the town I was in and having a fresh start is what made things better for me. If that's an option for you, I think you should do it too. It makes a world of difference.
Who takes care of you ? It's really hard to find a place to call home after it's taken away from you. So I've been moving around a lot since freshman year. I'm now a senior. First, I moved in with my aunt, but she was pretty terrible to me, so I decided to move into my grandma's in Texas. That was even worse. The school was bad (teachers were all dumb asses, was doing things I learned in 6th grade) so my friend back home said I could move in with her family. Turns out her parents are psychotic conservative Christian crazies. So, this summer I'm staying with my sisters in Texas. I don't plan on going back to live with my friend's parents, but they don't know that yet. It's been a mess.
Any experiences with the conservative family worth mentioning? My aunt treated me like I wasn't even there. When she would be gone for the night, she would make me leave the house and she'd lock me out. I got a monthly 600 dollar check from the VA because my dad is a disabled veteran, and she would take almost the whole thing and give me $10 every two weeks. We had little to no communication. I probably could have made things work at my grandma's house if I really tried. I thought moving would give me a fresh start, but moving made me realize how much I needed my friends. I was really vulnerable at the time. I was in a school where I didn't know anybody, in a tiny little town in Texas, missing my hometown and friends.
What was it about living with your aunt and grandmother that was terrible? I didn't see the first part of your question. For starters, right when I moved in they made me take out my lip ring and change the way I dress. Church every Sunday and Wednesday, you don't miss it for the world. They believe crazy things like you shouldn't let a homosexual watch your kids because if someone is immoral enough to have sex with their same gender, obviously they would rape your children. It is idolatry to hang posters of celebrities in your house. Not allowed to stay at a friend's house if their mom or dad is living with their SO but not married to them. (Because if a man lives with a woman without marrying her, he will probably rape her children.) Crazy things like that. It got to the point where if I was driving around with my friends and saw someone from their church/family, I would duck. If I was at a restaurant with my friend, I was on guard all the time in case I saw one of them. I was only allowed to be at about three places. If they saw me somewhere else, I'd most likely be lectured and grounded.
How are you a senior at 16? I started kindergarten when I was 4, so I'm a year behind everyone else. I turn 17 in two months.
As an upcoming sophmore I can confirm: texas schools are shit. Why is it so bad here?? My school claimed to have some of the highest TAKS (I think that's what they were called) scores in the state, yet I only met a handful of people who could even form a complete sentence.
To be fair, living expenses might be $600 a month. Considering utilities and food costs. And other incidentals like bathroom supplies. However, she should have gone over all these things to show you where it all went. Yeah but the money wasn't supposed to be for paying for the bills. It was supposed to be used for me and saved. She used it all at the casino, she also had a problem as most of my family does.
Happy birthday in advance kid. Hey thanks! Haha I think it's gonna be my best birthday yet!
Be strong, dear. And yeah, everything is going really well with my sisters. I'm more independent and I don't have to hide who I am here. Also I have the most beautiful nephews a girl could ask for. I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. That's why I wanted to do this AMA. I'm in a good sate of mind now and was hoping my story could inspire or help someone that needed it.
Oh, yeah it does say that. Lame. Let me know what you think! That song was amazing.
Does it bother you that wall street bankers who steal/stole billions of dollars and are bailed out by congress with taxpayer dollars are free- with respect to your Mother's situation? I think that's something that should bother anybody regardless. It really does make me mad though, because I hate to imagine my mom eating small portions of terrible food and sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, while tax money that could go to prisons (or anything it's supposed to go to, for that matter) is being spent on bailing out people who deserve to be punished just as much, or more, than my mother does.
I see that you mentioned Paramore as one of your favorite bands. Have a listen to 'Future' off their new album, I think you'll be able to connect with the song. Keep your head up, good things will come your way! Thanks! I'll check it out. I've only listened to their new album once. It's not that I don't like it, I'm just still coming to terms with all the changes they've made recently.
How do you feel about those spoiled ungrateful kids(people) in the world who have more than enough but always complain about how bad their life is? What would you tell them? I find it hard to have sympathy for people like that. I understand they probably have some problems too, but after going through what I have, their problems seem so insignificant to me. When I hear people like that talking about how terrible their lives are, I just roll my eyes. I'd tell them to appreciate what they've got and stop being such a little bitch for gods sake.
Whenever you find yourself having to tell others that you don't live with your parents/that they're in prison, are you open about it or ashamed? Do people treat you differently? I'm not ashamed of it, but I tend to not be very open about it either. Not because I feel bad telling people, but because I don't feel like telling the same story over and over. Usually when I meet new people and they ask who I live with, I will tell them, but they don't ask a lot of questions about it unless they're closer to me, in which case I'm very open about everything. I'm not ashamed of it because it's been a part of me for so long. If someone wants to judge me about it, it doesn't phase me. But no, I don't recall anybody treating me differently. Everyone was very supportive of it all, and I never got any shit for it when I was little. I'm sure people talked behind my back about it at times, but people were never nicemeaner to me directly because of my situation.
What kind of music do you like? Coheed and Cambria is by far my favorite band, but I like a lot of everything. Death Cab, Pierce the Veil, Chiodos, Gorillaz, Brand New, Sublime, Paramore, Regina Spektor, Circa Survive, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ratatat, Mayday Parade, Green Day, Explosions in the Sky, Cocorosie, Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, Lacuna name a few hahah.
Circa. Yes. Anyways, What's been the hardest part for you? And are you living self sufficiently? Either way that's incredibly difficult and I applaud you for being a badass. The hardest part has probably been having to deal with my abundance of basassery. Lol no for real, I think the hardest part is thinking about what my life could have been if my parents never went to prison. I think about how much easier everything would be, and how much happier my entire family would be. I would still be in my hometown, watching romances with my mom and crying for days after the movie, eating way too much chocolate together, and sitting in the car and real talking for hours. But then I think, if they didn't get caught doing what they were doing, my dad would continue to ruin little girls' lives, and my mom would continue her downward spiral and end up succeeding in one of her suicide attempts. It's hard to come to the realization that them being in prison is for the best, despite my own wants and needs. Right now I'm living more self sufficiently than I ever have been, but I'm not paying all of my own bills. I do have a job and I'm doing a lot of things for myself, but my sisters are helping a lot.
You just listed most of my playlist! Haha. Then we can be friends.
Have you checked out Go Radio? Jason Lancaster started it (singer from mayday) and he is fantastic. Yeah, totally. I don't think that Jason Lancaster or Mayday Parade can reach their full potential without each other, though. Jason has a beautiful voice and writes wonderful lyrics, but Mayday has a better sound. I wish they were still together. :(
Coheed has gotten me through some the hardest times in my life. I was alright to just creep and read your life story until I saw that. Your a fuckin trooper. After reading this Time Consumer is now your official song. Your welcome. :) My life is complete!!! Time Consumer is one of my favorites. Have you read The Amory Wars?
That's incredibly selfless of you to say. Seriously that made my night. If you ever need help with anything don't hesitate to ask! Well me making your night made my night :-)
I have to commend you on your strength. I'm 26 and you've gone through more than I can imagine. Your AMA definitely made my day and inspired me. Stay strong! Thank you. In glad I made a difference. :)
Fuck yah, did we just become best friends? Not quite, I haven't read them yet. :/
I'm confused on the order and if the first books go with the Amory Wars storyline. I'm not sure how to start.
What are you doing with your life now? I'm living in Austin, working at the mall. I'm starting my senior year in the fall and after that I plan to go to University of Texas.
of all you're a real commendable guy. Feel free not to answer this question, but do you know what highschool you're going to. Not quite sure yet, somewhere in Austin. And thank you. :) P.S. I'm a girl. Do I talk like a dude? Hahahah.
I'm in Austin too! I highly doubt we will ever run into each other but oh well! I'm really sorry you're going through, you deserve so much better. Thanks! And go Austin! I love this place. And maybe we already have ran into each other. Haha we may never know.
Hahaha, I only ask because I live in Austin aswell. I believe you'll find it a very nice and accepting place (I mean if you ignore the fact that I thought you were a black male when I read your topic tittle). Anyway jokes aside, best of luck to to you. HAHHAA I wonder why I sound like a guy! Everyone who's mentioned something about my gender referred to me as a guy. I guess I can't complain, because I usually assume everyone is a guy unless they specify as well. But yeah, I am LOVING Austin so far.
What's the story behind your username? One time I was at my friend Vanessa's house, and we were reaaally hungry, so we decided to make a pizza. and I was all, "AHHH I'm starving, I wish the pizza was done right now, damnit." And she pulled back her eyes with her fingers and said, in the craziest Chinese accent, "YOU WAIT FOR FOOD!" Here's a picture of the exact moment. (I hope this link works, I've never used this site before.) Link to
I guess it's not really that funny, you just had to be there. But now it's a phrase we say all the time.
That actually does sound pretty funny. It was hilarious! I wish I had a recording of how she said it.
I'm not sure if I'm too late to this one... Is anyone prejudiced against you because of your parents being in prison? Have you ever experienced and discrimination or hat because of it? One time, after my mom got arrested, I was in a gas station buying candy or something of the sort, and two ladies in front of me at the check out were talking about my mom. Her personal life and stuff. Needless to say, they were completely wrong. But they were talking for a while and I just stood there listening to what they had to say. They started looking at me too, and talking to me about it as if I was interested. Then I said something really badass (can't remember it now) but it was something telling them that that's my mother and they need to shut the fuck up. The look on their faces was priceless. Then I made my grand exit. It was awesome.
Are you going to welcome your parents with open arms when they get out? I'm going to welcome my mom with open arms. I will help her with anything she needs. I'm not sure about my father. I'd like to say that I will, but it's so far in the future so I'm not sure how I will feel when the time comes around.
Thanks for the reply. I feel like I would do the same, your mom had her reasons, but the mind your father possesses would probably be too much for me to handle. I'm starting to think he's a complete sociopath. He's been trying to better his life but he is still very controlling and thinks he is right about everything. To this day, he will say he's innocent despite the abundance of evidence against him. He's also convinced his mother and a lot of his friends of his "innocence."
Just keep it in the back of your head. I know you want to believe your mom, who doesn't. But life in prison is a different culture and most people adapt to their surroundings no matter how hard they try not to. Just be mindful when she's released is all I'm saying. Yeah I will. But she is doing really good in there. I know she could relapse, but she's been getting herself healthy and she has the support of the family, so I'm hoping things will stay on track.
That's a absolutely nuts. Either way, I hope you make your peace with both of your parents after them not being there for you. Thank you. I hope I can come to terms with my dad someday. It's extremely awkward to talk about with him so I'm not sure we will ever fully understand each other. But honestly, thank you for the support :)
Who are you living with now? Am visiting my sisters in Texas right now. Basically running away from "home" because the people I was staying with were insane. Edit: were.
What kind of gambling did your mom get into? Was she into anyone for money? Yeah, actually. She had a boyfriend from the time I was 4 to when she got arrested. They really did love each other, and she still says he was the love of her life. But again, gambling was her first priority. I remember her stealing his money/writing checks in his name. Also she met a man at the casino one time and he was talking her up and telling her how much money he has. She ended up seeing him for a while, and he was giving her money. Then he raped her. It was a big mess because when she tried to press charges, he said she was taking his money although he was giving it to her. He was pissed because she didn't want to sleep with him.
Do you harbor any resentment for your parents? Do you feel betrayed and abandoned at all? At first, yes. I still feel very betrayed. Especially since my mom saw me go through such a hard time when my dad got arrested. I can't believe she would risk putting me through the same thing again. I'll always have that anger towards the situation, but I've resolve most of my resentment towards my mom. I will never completely forgive my father.
Hello there, thanks for doing this AMA. q1) Has the experience steered you in a direction where you want to do something about your life and others that constitutes a breakthrough? For example, helping to rehabilitate young people when you have gone far enough in life. Q2) I really really wish you all the best in life (college, work, finding a new home etc). I read that you've said that you've moved a lot (so you probably made few lasting friendships), if you don't mind, do you want to be my email/pen pal? I live on an island in South East Asia. Q2: I had to answer this one first because its exciting! Yes of course I want to be your pen pal!! Q1: I plan to have a career in helping young kids after they've gone through a situation similar to mine. When my dad got taken away, I had a terrible psychologist. I want to be there for kids like me who really need it.
It seems like you got dealt a pretty shitty hand of a life. Is there anyone you can talk to (not your family) to help you learn what normal is? You need a psychologist or something similar. Not trying to be preachy, but find someone stable to help you out. Good luck. Thanks. Right now I'm doing pretty good, I think. It would be nice to have a psychologist but right now I just can't afford it. Hopefully I'll meet some people here and they can help me out by just being my friend.
Whenever I see "get some therapy" advice... I always wonder "but wait, don't you have to be able to afford that?" I'll be your long distance friend :) Yes exactly! That shit is expensive. Cool, I could really use one :)
Do "thug life" jokes get old? Yeah. Also a lot of people tell me it's so badass that my mom robbed a bank. It's not like a movie. This is real life. It is not badass that my mom is in prison and my life went to shit because of it.
How has your own life turned out so far? I realize you are young, but do you go to school/have any plans for the future? Also, I wish you all the best. I've talked about my plans for the future somewhere else in this thread, but I plan to go to UT for psychology. My life has been not so good until recently, when I moved back to Texas with my sisters. I'm no longer repressed by the people I was staying with, and I'm actually looking forward to living.
How old are your siblings? Do you have any plans for college? I'm so sorry you had to go through that but you seem like a very strong and independent person. They're 23 and 25.
What are some ways that you deal with it? I have trouble being away from my parents for a week or 2. (I go to boarding school away from them.) I'm just wondering because you must be an incredibly strong person! I just keep myself busy with other things. When you're reading a good book, the world is almost invisible. Getting carried away in music and drawing. Whatever your interests are. Just dive into them. Not only will it take your mind off of missing your parents, but it will make you a more well-rounded person.
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