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Stripper envy. Evangeline Sylvas angrily breaking the water tank being used by fellow stripper Divena at the Casino Royale Club in New Orleans. Apparently, Sylvas didn't like that Divena was getting top-billing over Sylvas long running Girl In The Oyster performance. Louisiana, 1950.

Stripper envy. Evangeline Sylvas angrily breaking the water tank being used by fellow stripper Divena at the Casino Royale Club in New Orleans. Apparently, Sylvas didn't like that Divena was getting top-billing over Sylvas long running Girl In The Oyster performance. Louisiana, 1950. submitted by frosty1965 to TheWayWeWere [link] [comments]

New Orleans, Louisiana – He grabbed a handful of casino chips and made a run for it

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Kenner, Louisiana – A postal worker sells $630K worth of stamps and gambles the money away at Harrah's Casino in New Orleans

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Infront of Harrah's casino, in New Orleans Louisiana.

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Infront of Harrah's casino, in New Orleans Louisiana.

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New Orleans, Louisiana – A man dies after falling from an escalator inside Harrah’s New Orleans Casino

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Sports betting could expand to new states if voters approve ballot initiatives.
Voters in Maryland will be asked if they favor the expansion of commercial gaming in the State of Maryland to authorize sports and event betting for the primary purpose of raising revenue for education.
South Dakota residents will vote on legalizing sports betting within the city limits of Deadwood, South Dakota.
Louisiana will vote on sports wagering on a parish by parish basis. On-site retail sports betting would be allowed at the state's existing riverboat casinos, the New Orleans' Harrah’s land-based casino and at racetracks around the state.
If three gaming-related measures are passed in Nebraska, the state will be able to introduce casinos at state-licensed race tracks and expand its gambling measures to possibly include sports betting down the road.
Looking further down the road, the two Holy Grails for sports betting, California and New York, are believed to moving toward legalization.
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WATCH LIVE: Gov Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference at 2:30 PM on 11/24

Louisiana is backed in Phase 2 (modified)

This conference was announced last Thursday

Pre-Conference Question - What do you think he'll announce?


NOTE: The summary of this press conference is transcribed LIVE. The summary may contain spelling and grammatical errors which until it is able to be corrected once the conference concludes.
NOTE: The summary may contain spelling and grammatical errors.
Dr Kanter

Questions for Dr Kanter about data

Related to Halloween? Seems people are willing to gather for Thanksgiving. Are we going to see a worsening 2 weeks after Thanksgiving
We are already seeing just about as steep of an increase as we can get it really can't get much steeper than that. I don't know, looking back to Halloween, it was part of it. I think increases from other states was bleeding over into our particularly in Northern LA. Plus we are tired, COVID fatigue is real, and it's easy to get complacent. Even without Thanksgiving coming ahead we will continue to get worse. I don't know how much worse it gets with Thanksgiving. I cannot emphasize this more than enough if you need to make a decision for your family talk to someone who has had it, experiencing the disease, or someone who has worked in the affected healthcare facilities during those two surges.
How much is being driven by small gatherings indoors and if so it doesn't seem restrictions matter than much
Small gatherings have been a larger component than months ago, there is no question about that but that is just one slice. We continue to see a lot of cases tied to bars, restaurants, events, and churches as well. Mitigation measures are going to be significant in their effect but not absolute. The other side is that people really need to make responsible decisions when no one is looking. No one will police who parities but I want families to take it seriously and know what the real risks are and make an informed decision. The more families are informed the more they will be likely to say for this year, for my family, it is just not worth it.
Gov. JBE


Epidemiologists in Louisiana say we may be getting diminishing returns on our introduction of restrictions than what we previously saw. Are you concerned that the impact of the introduction of these restrictions will be more gradual and the implications that may have
I am concerned about an awful lot as it is related to COVID19 and this pandemic. There is not one easy decision I have made nor one that has brought me joy. I am convinced that if the people of Louisiana will embrace these mitigation measures and restrictions, be patient and selfless, and ensure compliance that we will flatten the curve again. That is what I know. There are no magic tricks to be worked here. The only way to stop a surge is with restrictions and mitigation measures. So with the numbers increases here and around the country as they are the sense of urgency that you see coming out of leaders in Washington right now, as seen with Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force the other day, everyone should understand that this a very very serious situation. We have to do our part in order to slow the spread. It has to be a collective effort. No one should say is 99% of the people do it that's good enough I don't have to personally do it... that doesn't work. We all have to see it as a common effort that we all play our part. If someone would have presented a better option to flatten the curve I would have taken it. I know we have COVID fatigue here and around the country. If there was something other than wearing masks, washing your hands and staying home when you are sick, and so forth I would embrace it. It doesn't exist. That is why you hear this coming out of Washington and all the other healthcare workers how important these are. So let's do it. Let's flatten the curve again. I feel very comfortable that in several months, not sure when we will have enough of our population vaccinated that I believe we can start putting in the rear view mirror. Until now and then we have to do what is necessary. I do not know if there is another surge after this one, I pray not, but we know we are surging now.
Are you trying to change the way enforcement has been handled on these public health issues. Obviously the problem is people aren't following previous guidelines.. so are you making changes to enforcement?
We will continue to work with businesses of all types and venues to ensure that they understand that the restrictions are what rules they have to abide by. Individuals and businesses can get more information at and you will get more information. Will there be enforcement? Yes, there will be, but I am going to say what I've said back in March and every time since then, if the people in Louisiana insist we enforce our way through this we are doomed to failure. There are 4.66 million Louisianas and 10s of thousands of business and quite frankly we cannot enforce our way through this. We are going to be asking people to comply, do compliance visits, respond to complaints, and where people refuse to come int o compliance you can expect enforcement. That will not get us through this surge. That will not protect the health of our fellow Louisianans, it is better than not doing any enforcement. We need to have people doin this because it is the right thing to do. They need to embrace it, not because it is pleasant but at the end of the day this about people's lives are talking about. We are doing our very best to strike the balance between lives on one hand and livelihoods on the other. When it comes to economy, to business, to employers, to livelihoods, the best thing we can do is put this virus behind us.
Are the rules for temporary conditional permits allowing bars to operate as restaurants remain in effect?
Yes and we currently have 372 bars using conditional permits to operate as restaurants. They are not a hybrid, they are not part bar or part bar. They operate as restaurants if they are operating properly and they follow all rules for restaurants. For other establishment that continue to operate as bars they need to follow the way we outlined bars operate today.
What are you doing for your Thanksgiving celebration. You have a son who is coming home from college because LSU is going virtual for Thanksgiving
Yeah I have a son who actually lives here in Baton Rogue and he will likely be coming home to spend some time with us. I will tell you we will stay in baton Rogue at the mansion and have a Thanksgiving meal that consists of the immediate household. We will gives thanks because even during this pandemic which has been so tough on people, even after the 3 hurricanes that hit this year, we have so much to be thankful for. God has truly blessed us. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and that is important to me and my family and we are going to do it, but last year I remember my 84 year old mother came, my 6 siblings all came with their spouses and children and grandchildren. We had 80 or 90 people. You will not be seeing that this year and you will not see it at Christmas either. I hope and pray that if you are with me on Thanksgiving Day of 2021 you will see that. I believe that you will, but between now and then we all have to do our part.
Did you tell Legislative leaders about these new restrictions before you came out here today? What was their response?
Yes, I did. You need to know that I routinely send data and information to the Speaker and to the President. We have complete transparency on the data we are relying on because we update it every day aside for Saturday. We also have sent Legislative leadership, and I believe every member of the Legislature, every White House Coronavirus Task Force report whenever we get them. This morning in a addition to those things we presented all gating criteria slides to the Speaker and the President. We talked about where we were especially in light of our hospital capacity and our need to go back to a modified Phase 2 in order to flatten the curve again. They asked some questions, expressed concerns to makes sure whether the Fire Marshall or ATC will work with proprietors and bar owners to maximum extend possible so they can know hat is expected of them and be given an opportunity, if they are operation in good faith -- of which the overwhelming majority of businesses are -- to come into compliance. That has been our approach throughout the pandemic. We have always bent over backwards to make sure individuals know what the rules give them every opportunity to come into compliance and only after persistent shortcomings/refusal to do any real enforcement actions like citations take place. I assured him our approach would not change.
Does the influx of new vaccines change our prognosis at all
We have a draft plan in Louisiana that we continue to update and revise daily. The reason it is a draft plan is that we still don't know the day that we will get the first vaccines nor the number of doses that will be there. I have every expectation that around mid-December we should receive some doses of the Pfizer vaccines first. We don't know how many it could be as few as 30,000 or might be 60,000 we do not know for sure. We think the first doses of the Moderna vaccines would come weeks later, perhaps with a smaller number available initially. We continue to work with our federal partners. We were on the phone with Azar yesterday and talked about the logistical aspects of Project Warpspeed. Once the vaccine gets the EUA from the FDA we will have the vaccine in route to our location(s) of choice in 24 hours. The first shipment will be prioritized to healthcare workers, then high-risk groups (nursing homes, assisted living centers, congregated shelters), then the list expands from there out. Ultimately we want to get to a place where we put a call out to the general population they can go to their health unit (hospital, doctor's office, or pharmacy) and get the vaccine. This is not a one and one vaccine, it requires a second dose, depending on the manufacturer that could be between 21-28 days later. More vaccines may come only over time and some of these things may change. I do not want talk of the vaccine, it is critically important and no one is more excited than I am, but I do not want the talk of the vaccine to cause people to not pay attention to what is imperative right now. That is why you hear Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, Azar, talking about the term of bridging to the vaccine and needing to double-down on measures until the vaccine is widely available. The vaccine will not be here in the numbers we need soon enough to reverse the trajectory and numbers we went over today.
I do want to mention I have every confidence that when the FDA issues that EUA that that vaccine will be safe and effective. I hope my fellow Louisiana will embrace the vaccine. A vaccine saves 0 lives but vaccination can save a lot of lives. The vaccination requires the vaccines and an individual to receive that vaccine in two injections. So please understand the FDA has not cut out any steps required to evaluate the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. In fact, the trial sizes were 5x-6x more than one would normally see in a trial. They took steps consecutively instead of sequentially to make this vaccine thereby shortening its time for production. They started the mass production while trials were still happening. So if that authorization comes they have the vaccine to distribute and more to be distributed and you don't have to start that manufacturing process up from the beginning. So I really want people to embrace this and understand they will be safe and effective once the call goes out to start vaccination.
Does the state have enough cold storage for the vaccines or does the state have to put in some money for that?
We've identified the cold storage capacity that we need pursuant to our plan to administer the Pfizer vaccine. Its a combination of cold storage capacity and dry ice. We will be in good shape there. This is why you have to have really good hard work going on hard in advance. That way working with hospitals and universities you are able to identify all the cold storage you have, where is available for these vaccines and then you plug that into your plan. That will not be a limiting factor in terms of receiving the vaccine. Logistically it makes it more complicated because you have to receive it at those sites and distribute it from there. They are still evaluating how long the vaccines remain stable once they thaw out. We will be all over that so we will make sure if that vial falls out it will be administered while it is stable and making sure that people come and get the second dose as well.

Closing remarks

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WATCH 2:30 PM - Governor Edwards COVID-19 Announcement on Response to COVID-19

WATCH 2:30 PM - Governor Edwards COVID-19 Announcement on Response to COVID-19


Gov. John Bel Edwards
  • Cases that come back positive hospitalizations are increasing.
  • Clear to me that the current restrictions are not enough. The appeal to the Louisiana citizens is not producing the results that are needed.
  • Yesterday was the highest day of new cases.
  • Today we report 2,166 new cases and a case positivity of 11.3%
  • Both yesterday and today exceeded 10% for case positivity.
  • Yes, we are testing more people. This is good, a test does not create a case it tells you where you have cases. So yes we are seeing more of the cases that are out there.
  • Thus far in the month of July, we are 11 days in, and we have almost met our monthly goal of 200,000 tests with over 195,000 tests reported as of today.
  • As recently as June the 19th we were 10th in the country for cases per capita now we are number 3.
  • Our rate is not just higher for Louisiana but for all of those states that were previously ahead of us.
    • We are number 3 behind New York and New Jersey.
  • We cannot go back to a time where we are running out hospitals and ventilators.
  • Yesterday alone we added 75 new inpatients today was 65 more.
  • June the 13th we had 532 people in the hospital today we have [____].
  • Fauci says we need better compliance with mask usage, physical distancing, and limiting crowd sizes.
  • We have been extremely patient to have compliance from the community but we are moving a little further.
  • Trying not to ever move back to Phase 2 or Phase 1.
    • Need to balance between the virus, the economy, and opening up schools.
  • Staying in Phase 2 until at least July 24th with some changes starting Monday.
    • Masks are mandated statewide for 8 years of age or older unless they have a health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask.
    • Strongly suggested that children between 2-7 wear them
    • Parishes can opt-out of this mandate if they do not have a high incidence of COVID-19 only 3 parishes currently qualify:
  1. Grant
  2. Red River
  3. West Feliciana
  • All bars closed to on-premises consumption but may do curbside pickup.
  • Indoor social gatherings are limited to 50 people.
  • 50% occupancy remains for businesses.
  • Informal backyard gatherings are the largest contributor to spread think birthdays, baby showers, weddings, etc. Instances where you only invite your close relatives and close friends. But your close relatives and friends may have COVID-19 and they are not part of your immediate household.
    • If you have these types of events you need to keep them as small as you can, wear masks, physical distance, and try to hold them outdoors.
  • Changes go into effect Monday night right after midnight so there is time to comply. Orders will stay in place until at least July 24th.
    • Mod Note: Monday at midnight for this instance means 12:01 AM Monday, so it will start right after midnight today.
  • These decisions are based on White House guidance and guidance from public health experts.
  • Vice President Pence will be coming Tuesday and the White House Task Force been encoring the public to follow local and state orders to follow mask mandate. They encourage mask mandates for where cases are increasing rapidly [like here in Louisiana].
  • Face masks order follow CDC guidance. Masks are mandated statewide for anyone 8 years of age or older.
  • Exemptions to mask-wearing:
    • Have a health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask.
    • Anyone eating or drinking.
    • Anyone communicating to the speech impaired.
    • Anyone who is giving a public speech.
    • Anyone removing face covering for identification purposes.
    • And anyone who is part of a parish who has opted out of the mandate.
  • High incidence of COVID = 100 new cases per 100,000 people per 2 week period.
  • 3 parishes are below that threshold, Grant, Red River, West Feliciana Parish.
  • Even if your parish opts out it is strongly encouraged that everyone wears a mask when outside the household. Just because these are the least affected parishes does not mean there is not COVID there. There is COVID-19 in every parish.
  • If you have are vulnerable you are always safest at home. (Those over 65, diabetes, obesity, etc.)
  • At the end of the day, while I know this will be unpopular and controversial with some, we know face masks work. It is that simple. The vast majority of the spread of this disease comes from people talking, sneezing, coughing, and the mask helps contain the virus from being spread to neighbors.
  • None of these steps were ones that I wanted to take, but they are essential.
  • Typically there is a 14-day lag between a change in behavior and when that change shows up in the numbers and there is an even longer lag time for the change in deaths. So we will not see any changes [from mandating masks or closing bars] in the near future.
  • (We have no reason to believe the numbers we have been reporting are going to get any better, they are likely to get worse.)
  • Bars have been proven to be hotspots for the spread of coronavirus. It may not be true for every bar, but it is true for many of them. Thanks to the many bar owners for complying with restrictions, this is not meant to punish anyone.
  • Identified at least 36 outbreaks from bars impacting over 400 people. We know that number is much higher. All of this has happened in Phase 2 when bars were opened. We also know that leading the spread in recent weeks has been a younger age group more likely to frequent bars. This age group continues to be a big driver of cases.
  • Younger people are spreading COVID19 to older people who are becoming ill in growing numbers.
  • Public health officials believe that bars have a higher risk than other businesses due to the social aspect, having to speak louder over music, keeping the mask off to drink, etc. Alcohol diminishes decision making.
  • I know this will be challenging and unpopular but it is necessary and the right thing to do under these circumstances. We cannot let this illness win. If you, like me, are interested in keeping most of our economy opened and not regrew back in phases, or open schools next month, these things (wearing a mask or closing bars) is a minor price to pay.
  • This should not be a political issue. Someone how there has been a political issue that has come up around masks. You will see that people of both parties will be stressing the absolute importance of wearing a mask.
Dr. Joe Canter (LDH)
  • At the end of the day this I about the perseveration fo human life.
  • Mask mandate follows CDC guidelines for high incidence.
    • High incidence of COVID = 100 new cases per 100,000 people per 2 week period
  • 61 out of 64 parishes currently meet this definition.
    • 3 parishes are below that threshold, Grant, Red River, West Feliciana Parish.
  • The level of COVID incidence is high in the overwhelming amount of parishes of Louisiana.
  • If you are battling a disease you need to know what you are fighting and where it is, which his what testing does. If you do more tests you will find more positives. When we look at cases we look at multiple measurements like percent positivity, which is increasing. The large spike at the end of March and April when CPR increases to 30% is when we were highly restrictive in who we tested which artificially inflated the percent positivity.
  • Over the last week, (Jun 22-July 5th as measured by date of collection, the percent of positivity was 15.3%. Highly concerning number.)
  • A lot of people who test positive are asymptomatic and spread it to their community or other family members.
  • Young adults aged 18-29 accounts for the largest grouping of COVID cases.
  • Over the past week or 2, we are seeing what we feared we would see which is further spread from younger adults to older individuals.
  • COVID has a real propensity to spread, we had no expectation it would stay within the 18-29 age bracket. The most recent data is now showing us that the virus is indeed spreading from those younger adults to older individuals.
  • **(In Phase 2 if you have a vulnerability, are increasing in age, or have a serious underlying medication condition, the risk to you and your personal health is greater and you need to think twice about the risk you take on.
    • Maybe you shouldn't go out. Maybe someone should make food for you.
    • Families should support these individuals.
    • Staying inside and distancing is the safer thing to do.)**
  • We have leading signs and lagging measures. Cases are on the leading sign and fatalities are on a lagging measure. We know that in Louisiana individuals who will die from COVID-19 become symptomatic 16 days before that fatality.
  • Concerned we will see increasing hospitalization and increasing deaths.
  • We have already doubled the number of patients hospitalized with COVID from the middle of June.
  • We have to turn this around.
  • At this point in time, we have more cases coming in than when we were at our peak.
  • Differences between these two peaks are the first time around it was focused on New Orleans, shows the case growth to date without New Orleans. This is a statewide problem and we look similar to Florida or Texas were. We are not as far along but we need to turn this around.
  • The good news is we have already beaten this once we can do it again.
Dr. Neal of OLOL Regional Medical Center
  • We knew when we went to Phase 2 we would see a little more community spread resulting in a few more admissions so we were prepared for that.
  • We were not prepared for the steep escalation in hospitalizations we began to see 10 days ago and cases have not quadrupled.
  • We have too many people in our hospitals.
  • When our hospitals get full it is incredibly hard to care for everyone.
  • Of our patients that are in the hospital, 1/3 are in the ICU.
  • The youngest is 25 and had no medical conditions when they entered the hospital.
  • Patients in their 20s, 30s, 40s are in the ICU struggling for their lives.
  • This is a nightly occurrence in the hospital.
  • **(This takes a tremendous team to do that work and that team can no longer offer care to all those who need it.
    • Those that need for bypass surgery, joint replacement -- they haven't been able to walk in 6 months, or those that have a mass that may be a malignancy.)**
  • We cannot allow this in the community anymore, we have to be better stewards so the whole community is healthier from all of their illnesses, and not just COVID19.
  • We all need to wear masks by doing that we protect our community, each other, and our families. This is how we continue being safe in our homes and not wind up in the hospital as patients with COVID19.
  • Think about each and every interaction you have with another individual, keep your distance, try to have that interaction by Zoom, or by phone.
  • We know that this works, and we know that if you do it we can continue to provide everyone the continued quality of care we expect every day.
Dr. Rainey Winfield Sports Medicine Physician
  • Truly concerned about overwhelming the healthcare system as it exists today.
  • Seen COVID in all demographics.
  • Symptoms have evolved from 3 symptoms to 9 symptoms.
  • New symptoms in the Millenials of migraines headaches, stomach issues, and diarrhea.
  • Increased mental health issues in the community are being seen as well.
  • Assure you that the healthcare system cannot be successful unless the public plays its part by socially distancing, washing hands, and WEARING YOUR MASK
  • Mask wearing works. Respiratory droplets can go up to 12 ft so if you wear wearing a mask it protects those around you. We are in a position now that we are losing lives by something that can be prevented.
  • Take this seriously and listen to what is going on.
Gov. John Bel Edwards
  • Misspoke, this is in effect Monday morning not Tuesday as previously stated. It goes into effect at 12:01 AM Monday morning.
  • Shout out to the medical professionals. There has been no one who has stepped up as tremendously and it runs the entire gamut of the medical profession.
  • As Louisiana, we owe it to them to not overburden them.
  • We can prevent it, we have done it before. We do not need to go back to other Phases to do it. We need to follow the CDC and White House Guidelines to slow the virus.
  • Let's be good neighbors and realize we all have a role to play.
  • This opportunity will not last forever, now is our time. You cannot. wait till next week or next month or there will not be time left by then.


Is mask mandate for indoors only or outdoors as well. How will be it be enforced
It is indoors and outdoors when you cannot be physically distanced from others. When you go into an office building or retail establish or restaurant etc unless you meet one of those exceptions that mask needs to be on. If you are outside and are in close proximity with others you need to have a mask on. This mandate applies to all locations. There are exemptions for individuals and those 3 parishes if they choose to opt-out. If they were to opt-out, CDC guidance does not change and everyone is encouraged to wear masks if they can.
Businesses will be required to tell people they need to have a mask on. Businesses can accept a representation from someone saying they meet one of those categories of exceptions. Other than placing law enforcement officers at every building there is no way to do it. There is not a goal to go out there and write citations. We want people to comply. We want businesses to make the effort to put up the signs and if someone does not meet the exception and refuses to wear a mask and if they don't leave they are trespassing. The mandate applies to churches but we will not be enforcing it in churches. WE will not be writing up pastors or doing those things. They are encouraged to understand that that setting where people are there for over an hour it is important for those individuals to wear a mask.
If you were to cite a business what would the penalty be? Is it a fine? If so how much?
I'll get that answer to you. That will not be the first resort. When we go to a business we remind them of the requirements. The first efforts are always going to be to pressure compliance and not a fine.
Will citations be for business owners or..
The owners.
Will you be pulling back on elective surgeries
The office of public health has not told me that that is something they are recommending right now. There are hospitals around the state who have different staffing issues and they may choose to make a different decision for themselves. This has not been raised to a statewide level where I, the governor, would need to consider that.
There are 3 major issues hospitals are facing:
  1. Testing turnaround times.
  2. Remdesivir availability.
  3. Staffing.
Medical exemptions for earring a mask. DO people need to carry a doctors note if they meet one of the exemptions
Business owners have the right to ask you to put on the mask so if you have someone that can document that it would be good to have it on your person but owners are not required to ask you for that.
Conditions that meet exemption for mask-wearing. Tiny minority fo people meet these.
  1. Respiratory issues where wearing a mask puts you in danger.
  2. Children are younger than 2.
  3. Case by case basis.
**The larger point to be made, if you have a condition that you think makes it untenable to wear a mask, it is also likely the case that you are at increased vulnerability for COVID. You really need to look at your own risk profile and if it is worth doing the activities that you would like to do. [(Mod note: aka why are you going out if your respiratory function is that comprised that you cannot wear a mask)]
In terms of casinos will they be limited
Limitations only have to do with social gatherings, not businesses. Phase 2 occupancy requirements remain in place for commercial businesses. The only businesses that are affected by the new occupancy limitations are bars and event spaces.
Why bars and not restaurants
Data we have shows that restaurants do not pose the same risk of transmission as bars. Restaurants with bars in them can seat people at the bar as an extension of the seating area for the consumption of food.
Does guidance apply to State employees
Yes, both to employees and the general public entering a public building.
Texas has begun to send ATF out to shut down businesses. We haven't issued any penalties it's more a warning system. Do you think this is working? Why not be stricter with enforcement
Well, I just announced I am closing every bar. I do not know how to be more categorical than that. Last time I got an update we visited more than 3,100 commercial establishments. What I can tell you is that the vast majority of those were not out of compliance and if they were they got into compliance quickly. Likely it was something simple like employees wearing masks around their necks and not their faces. I have instructed that for repeat business offenders to start issuing citations so I believe you will start seeing that going forward.
I've said from the very beginning a public health emergency of this nature if the people of Louisiana are going to insist that we enforce our way through it we will not be successful. We will continue to have people unnecessarily spreading this disease and then other people through no fault of their own, they may be the most responsible citizen out there, they may contract it because someone in their vicinity is choosing not to be a good neighbor. Then these individuals will go to the hospital and fill that bed and cause all of the problems for the hospital system and its providers, affecting not only the COVID community but anyone that's in need of medical service. To those people of Louisiana who say "well, we are not going to listen to any of that and we are going to make them enforce our way through it. Then we will be unsuccessful but I believe in Louisiana, we are better than that. Our people have always been good and resilient. We are faithful people. We know what it means to be a good neighbor. Now is a good time to be a good neighbor. If you don't like the mask mandate then don't like it, but wear your mask anyway if you are going to be out in public. If you want to criticize me, then criticize me. I understand this is going to be controversial. So be it. It the right thing to do. It's the essential thing to do. But don't sit back and say we will only be successful if we enforce our way through it. That is the wrong attitude.
Can you talk about how the decision for the VP to come to Baton Rouge came to be and the testing issues that may be discussed?
Many things made Louisiana an obvious place to come. We are back to #3 in the country for COVID19 cases per capita. They picked BR specific to do surge testing, one of 3 areas around the country to get above our baseline of 5,000 people. We haven't met that yet, but we are working towards it. Because of the steep increase in cases in BR but even steeper increase in positivity in BR. Louisiana has been on radar front and center for the White House Coronavirus Taskforce since the beginning. We have never come off their radar. I think that is. why he is coming here.
While he is here he will talk about higher education and what we are doing to safely resume on-campus in-person instruction on time. What that mix of education of in-person and distance learning will look like. Plus LSU is the current national champion and he gets to come down be on that fine university. We will meet in a large space in the club on the south end of the stadium.
Did you talk to Clay about the new mandate or the petition gaining speed because of this?
I speak to lawmakers frequently and had the opportunity to talk to them specifically about the proclamation I am signing today. I make sure they are getting regular updates and they see the number and trajectory they are on. So by the time we make these decisions, it is in their mind that this is something we may do. Yes, I had the opportunity to speak with them.
The first time we have a surge in the state there was an awful lot of people who said that only affected Orleans or Jefferson Parish and not us, but that is not the case today. This is literally statewide. The hottest area in the state is in Lake Charles and the second hottest is in Lafayette.
I think the petition would be a tremendous mistake. For us to be the only state without a public health emergency when we are number 3 in the country cases per capita, our positivity is over 15%, we have the highest case growth we've had in the entire public health emergency, our hospitals are filling up again, and all the coordination and resources we need to make available, and all of the coordination we need to do with the Federal government, not to mention making sure we are able to take advantage that they can only send to Louisiana IF we have a declared public health emergency, and the ability to take advantage of the Stafford act? All that would be threatened by a silly partisan petition. They can do if they want but that would be a tremendous mistake and the people of Louisiana will pay a higher price. I urge members not to sign it and if they did sign it to have their names taken off of it.

Final Comments

  • We've been here before, we can get back on top of this and start driving cases down.
  • We all have a role to play.
  • Be a good neighbor.
  • Being a good neighbor means do not make that personal visit. You wear your face mask when you re outside your home and are in proximity to others who are in your household. Wash your hands often. Stay home when you're sick. Take care of those people whoa re especially most vulnerable.
  • You are safer at home always.
  • If you re out and about do not patronize a business that is not operating safely.
  • Pray for our state and our country.
  • Confident we will get through this.
  • It'll be easier and quicker if more people comply with what we are asking you to do.
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I am making a weather map/travel planning map I need every public race track listed. See any missing?

Aqueduct Racetrack / New York / New York / US
Arapahoe Park / Aurora / Colorado / US
Arlington International Racecourse / Arlington Heights / Illinois / US
Assiniboia Downs / Winnipeg / Manitoba / CA
Atlantic City Race Course / Landing / New Jersey / US
Barretts Race Meet at Fairplex / Pomona / California / US
Belmont Park / Turnpike Elmont / New York / US
Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment Center / Cincinnati / Ohio / US
Betfair Hollywood Park / Inglewood / California / US
Calder Casino & Race Course / Miami Gardens / Florida / US
Canterbury Park / Shakopee / Minnesota / US
Century Mile Racetrack and Casino / Edmonton / Alberta / CA
Churchill Downs / Louisville / Kentucky / US
Colonial Downs / New Kent / Virginia / US
Del Mar / Del Mar / California / US
Delaware Park / Wilmington / Deleware / US
Delta Downs Racetrack / Vinton / Louisiana / US
Ellis Park / Henderson / Kentucky / US
Emerald Downs / Auburn / Washington / US
Evangeline Downs / Opelousas / Louisiana / US
Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots / New Orleans / Louisiana / US
Fair meadows / Tulsa / Oklahoma / US
Fairmount Park / Collinsville / Illinois / US
Finger Lakes / Farmington / New York / US
Fonner Park / Grand Island / Nebraska / US
Fort Erie / Fort Erie / Ontario / CA
Golden Gate Fields / Berkeley / California / US
Gulfstream Park / Miami / Florida / US
Harrah's Louisiana Downs Casino and Racetrack / Bossier City / Louisiana / US
Hastings Racecourse / Vancouver / British Columbia / CA
Hawthorne Race Course / Stickney / Illinois / US
Hollywood Casino At Charles Town Races / Charles Town / West Virginia / US
Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course / Youngstown / Ohio / US
Hoosier Park / Anderson / Indiana / US
Horsemen's Park / Omaha / Nebraska / US
Indiana Grand / Shelbyville / Indiana / US
Keeneland / Lexington / Kentucky / US
Kentucky Downs / Franklin / Kentucky / US
Laurel Park / Laurel / Maryland / US
Lone Star Park / Irving / Texas / US
Los Alamitos Race Course / Los Alamitos / California / US
Monmouth Park / Oceanport / New Jersey / US
Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort / Chester / West Virginia / US
Northlands Park / Edmonton / Alberta / CA
Oaklawn Park / Hot Springs / Arkansas / US
Parx Racing / Bensalem / Pennsylvania / US
Penn National Race Course / Grantville / Pennsylvania / US
Pimlico Race Course / Baltimore / Maryland / US
Portland Meadows / Portland / Oregon / US
Prairie Meadows / Altoona / Iowa / US
Presque Isle Downs / Erie / Pennsylvania / US
Remington Park / Oklahoma City / Oklahoma / US
Retama Park / Selma / Texas / US
Rillito Park Race Track / Tucson / Arizona / US
Ruidoso Downs / Ruidoso Downs / New Mexico / US
Sam Houston Race Park / West Houston / Texas / US
Santa Anita Park / Arcadia / California / US
Saratoga Race Course / Saratoga Springs / New York / US
Suffolk Downs / Boston / Massachusetts / US
Sunland Park / Sunland / New Mexico / US
Tampa Bay Downs / Tampa / Florida / US
Thistledown / Cleveland / Ohio / US
Turf Paradise / Phoenix / Arizona / US
Turfway Park / Florence / Kentucky / US
Will Rogers Downs / Claremore / Oklahoma / US
Woodbine / Toronto / Ontario / CA
Zia Park / Hobbs / New Mexico / US

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WATCH LIVE at 2:30 PM - Gov. John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

WATCH LIVE at 2:30 PM - Gov. John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

Made by Jeff Asher of the Times-Picayune

For today's conference, Gov. Edwards will be accompanied by Lafayette-area hospital officials and Joe Kanter from the Louisiana Department of Health.


  • Today Louisiana passes the 100,000 case benchmark with 101,650 cases being reported. These are only the cases we know about. These are cases with a positive test result. There are undoubtedly more cases out there, not everyone who is symptomatic has been tested, and we know that between 20-45% of people with COVID19 are asymptomatic and do not generally get tested. We know that there is more COVID out there than those that test positive.
  • 2,408 new cases reported since yesterday.
  • Today we report +16 new deaths, for a total of 3,574. Yesterday we reported 60 new deaths, the highest single-day report of COVID-19 deaths since May. We know deaths sometimes lag behind other numbers. No matter how you slice it up these numbers are very troubling.
  • In the month of July, we have reported over 400,000+ tests and have greatly expanded our testing in Louisiana and are #1 for the month of July for testing per capita in the country.
  • We know we have a high prevalence of COVID19 across the state of Louisiana.
  • I hope that hitting the 100k benchmark shows people we are in a public health emergency, not one that was declared by the Governor himself on his own accord, but one that is happening. This number should be sobering.
  • Cases are increasing across the state and this is why we are remaining in Phase 2. The mask mandate, limitation of bars, reduction of crowd size limitation to 50 people for social gatherings will continue.
  • We are nowhere we want to be in Louisiana. We do not want to have to go back to Phase 1 or Phase 0. However, we cannot lose our capacity to provide life-saving healthcare in our hospitals, which his why we have restrictions in place.
  • We have every reason to believe that if we can get universal compliance with face coverings, social distancing, washing hands, cutting down on travel, with people staying home more often, Lousiana can flatten the curve without having to go back into Phase 1 or Phase 0.
  • You can recall how previously I said that 3 parishes met the were not considered an area of high-incidence of COVID-19 by CDC's standards, and thus met the qualifications to opt-out of the mask mandate? There are currently no parishes that are not in the high-incidence of COVID-19 category.
  • The latest resurgence has impacted the ability of our healthcare systems.
  • OLOL has taken a two-week pause in performing non-emergency medical procedures that require inpatient beds to makes sure they have the beds, and more importantly the staff, they need for COVID19 patients.
  • Hospitalizations have increased all over the state in Louisiana there I, not one region where it decreasing. Especially concerned for Regions 4,5,6.
  • Hospitalizations have increased by +4 for a total of 1,585 COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized across Louisiana.
Dr. Amanda Logue, chief medical officer at Lafayette General Health System
  • Lafayette General Health is the largest healthcare provider for Acadiana but with the volume, they are seeing of COVID19 cases, they are not able to take care of their own community let alone expand services outside.
  • Actively taking care of patients, and surging as they need to, but are quickly running out space.
  • Had to transfers patients to Rapides, Baton Rouge, Northern Lousiana, even Mississippi.
  • Had to decline 87% of requests of transfers into our health system. That is not normal. Do not have the capability or space to take care of them.
  • Please come to the ER if you need to, do not be afraid to come to seek medical services. We will be here if you need us.
  • Main campus, largest hospital, Lafayette General Medical Center 1/2 of ICU, and 1/3 of non-ICU beds have patients fighting COVID19.
  • On May 27th we had 15 COVID 19 patients and yesterday we had 105.
  • In our whole 5 acute hospital system, we have had 143 patients and that number was only 20 six weeks ago
  • Seeing the rapid increase in community spread and hospitalizations that follows the community spread.
  • Please to Acadiana to understand the impact of widespread community outbreaks impacts the hospital system.
  • Moving elective surges off of the main campus and canceling some altogether. This is the last thing we want to do, some patients are still waiting for surgeries that were canceled in April.
  • Hospitals are full and the ICU is full.
  • Some beds are closed due to illnesses to staff.
  • Do not have enough nurses to staff the beds right now.
  • Thankful for the nursing teams but the level they are working at right now it unsustainable.
  • COVID19 has not replaced the typical volume of pattens we normally have like health attacks, strokes, etc. but when you add COVID on top of that it is unsustainable. Normally we can do both, but not when there are surges to this degree.
  • The only way to prevent recurring surges is to truly flatten the curve once and for all.
  • Follow the guidelines. Wash your hands. Physically distance from one another. Avoid large crowds. Wear a mask when you leave the house
  • If you are elder or high risk be especially careful and stay home if you don't have to be out.
  • Impacting not only COVID19 patients but anyone who wants to seek care in Acadiana.
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes
  • OLOL the hospital is full and ICU is near complete capacity.
  • This significantly affects normal operations.
    • for 2 weeks OLOL has almost completely eliminated elective surgeries.
    • This means if your cardiologist recommends you need a heart bypass or early-stage cancer those operations will be deferred.
  • Still dealing with the aftermath of people coming in with later stages of diseases due to having to wait from the first surge.
    • Some people weren't able to get tests they would have, like mammograms, and now they are at later stages than what they would have been caught if these elective procedures weren't postponed.
    • 100s if not 1,000s of women have not been able to get their mammograms and he is worried there is the hidden impact completely unrelated to COVID that we haven't appreciated yet.
  • This is a real and present danger, the secondary effects of COVID, but how it affects our hospitals and community.
  • Physicians and team members are doing an amazing job, but they are getting burned out from overwork. Fatigue is a very real problem and this current wave is taxing our abilities for us to provide services.
  • Thought the second wave would come in the Fall and that there was more time to prepare.
  • The community needs to realize how compelling and dangerous of an issue this is.
  • This affects not only the people who are seeking treatment for COVID but also those seeking normal medical services for other needs.
  • OLOL has 19-20-year-old healthy kids in the ICU without any comorbidities.
  • Also seeing an increase of 50-60-year-olds without comorbidities in the ICU.
  • There is no way to tell who it will affect in a severe way. Fortunately, it doesn't affect most people, but it is a very real problem.
  • Wear your mask. Be smart. Good hygiene. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Avoid large crowds. Physically distance. It is extremely important right now.
Gov. John Bel Edwards
  • Testing available in EBR, no symptoms needed, no exposure needed. Please take advantage of the FREE test while testing the available.
    • You can pre-register at - please do not register multiple times.
    • Thanks to the WH Taskforce for putting surge testing in Louisiana.
  • Working to establish a new surge testing site in the New Orleans area.
  • Deliberate misinformation campaign about the state inflating numbers by counting every positive test as a positive case. That is not the case, only your first test is counted. Every individual who tests positive only counts as one case regardless of the number of positive test results they may get.
  • If you have COVID19 in your state you will see cases go up, then hospitalizations, then deaths. It doesn't make sense that you would have hospitalizations and deaths going up without cases having gone up as well.
  • We have people being irresponsible and we are asking them to stop. No one should pay attention to what these individuals are saying.
  • We are not perfect, but we've put in multiple redundant systems to make sure the data is accurate, timely, and that we are sharing in a manner to be as transparent as possible.
  • Encouraged today by the vast majority of businesses and local leaders who are taking this seriously and masking up to protect their loved ones, employees, and the state of Louisiana to make sure we get back on top of the virus as soon as we can.
  • Asking everyone to take this virus seriously and do his or her part.
  • No one wants to go back to Phase 1. It shouldn't be necessary to go backward, but the only way to keep us from doing that is if everyone wears their mask when they are outside their home. It is a small price to pay. Be a good neighbor. If nothing else has respect for our healthcare workers who are working months on end.
  • There is not a safer place than at home. If you go out do so as little as possible. You do not need to go to the grocery store 3 times. Just go one once. If you go do not bring your entire family
  • If when you'd o go out you practice social distancing, washing your hands, and do not go out when you are sick. We will turn this around.
Comment on the weather
  • Watching the tropics. We're in hurricane season.
  • TP 8 is moving across the Gulf Coast towards Texas but there is a risk of heavy rainfall in the S, SW, and Central parts of the state.
  • Areas south of I-10 could receive between 2-4" of rain and tides are running higher than normal.
  • Flash flooding is a possibility. Do not drive on any street that could be underwater.
  • Will monitor Storm Gonzales.
  • Go to and prepare for a hurricane.
  • Preparing for a hurricane is different this season because of COVID19. Encourage everyone to check to get prepared.


What's the plan if we run out of space, is the plan to shift them to Morial?
First off, we are going to make sure that doesn't happen that we don't run into a situation where we cannot provide healthcare. We still have 250 beds at the Morial Convention Center with staffing for 60 with 28 beds currently being filled. We can expand to 60 more beds quickly. Further, much of the investments we made early on created new permanent surge capacity at various hospitals around the state. So we are in better shape than we were before.
Frankly, my bigger concern is not about beds, but about staffing. We believe we will be able to make the adjustments necessary and open the surge units, but the bigger challenge is around staffing. It is bigger this time because the surge we are seeing is happening in multiple parts of the country at one time. Hard to draw upon out-of-state staff because of those areas and not willing to give them up because they need them too. We discussed it with the VP last week after a phone email with hospital staff prior. Submitted a request through FEMA and it is currently pending. Looking to us the existing footprints of our hospitals, because it is easier to solve the staffing challenges than open up a new facility that isn't part of the existing footprint. No plan to currently create new facilities, but are working to fill staffing shortages.
How much did you request from the FEMA
As best as I can recall it was 300 Request to FEMA ranged from phlebotomists, ICU nurses, respiratory therapists, and so forth. I will get you the exact information.
Some people in Acadiana and Lafayette, in particular, feel the local agencies and parish governments are not doing their parts to enforce the mandates. What can we do on the state level to drive home how important it is to follow the mandates
When you watch Fauci or Birx speak and see what is coming out the CDC, that speak to you about the importance of these mitigations measures and you accompany it with the numbers we are seeing in Louisiana right now, not just cases but hospitalizations and deaths, you would hope the people would be responsible enough, take that into consideration, and they will comply because they understand it is important for those who are valuable, to help the medical community. Even if for some strange reason that is totally incomprehensible that you don't care about COVID you should care about there being capacity in the hospital if you get into a car accident or a family member has a stroke, you want that care to be available. We just need people to focus on the task at hand, do their part, be good neighbors. It is not that we won't force these things but if the people of Louisiana are going to make us enforce all of this we will not be successful. There are 4.6 million people in Louisiana, 10s of 1,000s of businesses if the people of Louisiana are going to sit back and say we will make you enforce every part of this we are doomed. As I mentioned the vast majority of businesses and people are being responsible but there are still too many that are not. So I am directing these comments to those individuals. IF you want to be mad at me, and disagree with me be mad and disagree but do so with a mask when you are outside of your house.
Where do you think the deliberate misinformation campaign is coming from?
I do not know. I am not personally investigating it. I am doing what I can to make sure no one attaches any credibility to it. This not just happening in Louisiana. This is happening in all of the other states that are having this tremendous resurgence. No one is out there "cooking the books". One thing we would do, if it was safe to do, is open our hospitals up so they could see with their own eyes the people who are fighting for their lives. They would know this is not a made-up number. This is grossly negligent and irresponsible. I am asking people not to do it and for others not to believe it.
Are you surprised that bars are the top location for an outbreak of COVID
I cannot say I'm surprised, bars were one of the last things opened because we knew the environment is not the easiest to control so people do things safely. It's just the nature of that establishment. Many people go to a bar to stay for several hours, have multiple drinks, and relax their inhibitions. They may have one mindset going in and another coming out. Then there is loud music and so you need to speak louder and release more particles if you happen to have COVID19. Then if you're listening you tend to get closer to hear than you should be. We were hopeful restrictions would work, but for the vast majority of bars, it proved to be too much. This is not just here in Louisiana. It is a WH Taskforce recommendation for our state and other states with high rates of COVID-19. It is also a worldwide recommendation. Once South Korea came out of its lockdown they had to shut down every bar in Seoul because they had a similar experience.
With staffing being an issue is the Morial Convention center a viable option as a field hospital
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes: We have physical space, we have beds that are used during the day for outpatient surges. Those can be converted into hospital rooms. We have beds that are typically used for other purposes, and those have been converted to rooms. However, as we see an increasing number of transferrable cases in the community we see our nurses become infected. When a nurse becomes infected the quickest they return to work is 10 days. As a result, there is a huge pool of nurses who are currently out right now. This puts a strain on other nurses and staff in the hospital. So far it is working out, but our nurses are tired. The problem is not needing physical space, it is having enough people in our community to staff those beds to keep our nurses healthy. One way you can prevent yourself from getting COVID is to stay active and healthy, well-rested, and that your immune system is working well. Nurses, physicians, and staff are tired and not taking care of themselves as well as they need. This is a vicious cycle. Everyone is looking for staff right now. We are not at the point of reaching out to non-traditional areas for staffing. We have disucssed calling in retired nurses or those who have moved to other careers who still hold their licenses who could help.
Have you thought of reaching out of state for staffing?
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes: We have contacted local staffing agencies, not many people available, anyone who is employable is employed. Everyone across the country is seeking nursing right now. Yes, we have considered that.
Governor John Bel Edwards
I've had requests to take national guard soldiers in a medical unit and have them available at the hospitals. But guess where the national guard soldiers in our medical unit work? In our hospitals. So I would be pulling them from one hospital to send them to another hospital around the state. The first thing we did was put out an EMAC request to all other states to see if they had anyone they could offer to address what we need. Exactly zero states offered any staffing. So then you start looking at staffing contractors and we are working that angle now. That is proving to be difficult as well, which is why we continue to work with FEMA on staffing.
In regards to the Morial Convention Center, remember that facility is for the less acute patients to allow hospitals to free up space sooner than they would. So once a patient reaches that level of care where they don't need an acute bed, but can't go home, they can go to the Morial Convention Center for care. Having hospitals sending their less severe patients to the convention center is something we are considering.
With the testing shortage issue in terms of a turnaround..
I just want to be clear we are doing an extraordinary amount of tests, but it is not a shortage of collection kits. There are reagent issues in the lab that are contributed to longer turnaround times, as well as the sure volume of tests. So of all the tests, we reported today 65% were within the last week. 30% were from the week before. That gives you an idea of the percentage of tests. This greatly impacts our ability to fight COVID-19. If someone waits 7-10 days to find out they are positive and did not curtail their activities, we know they are out there spreading that disease. Plus if it takes too long to get a test result back the contact tracing is too hard. So the turnaround time at the labs is the current challenge, not the testing supplies itself.
with turnaround times does this challenge testing congregate settings
In congregate settings, we are testing 100% of residents and staff every 2 weeks. We are seeing some delays in getting those results back. Anytime you see that it interferes with our ability to quickly get on top of the situation and appropriately quarantining patients. It is also true for the staff member who goes home at night and interacts with their family.
Over the next approx 8-12 weeks it is the goal of the Federal Government to send a rapid point of care tests to every nursing home. We are starting to see those machines arrive in small numbers this week and that will continue. That way tests are administered with results being known within 24 hours. It sounds too good to be true, so we need to make sure the machines come and we have all the testing materials that are needed.
Why are casinos not facing additional restrictions?
I'm not going to tell you we haven't experienced any issues at casinos but I can say they have been few in number and much more easily removed because you only have only a small number of them operating. Plus it is the most regulated industry in Louisiana so if you go in there and tell them a problem the corrections get made. We know they have been very responsive to any remedial measures we have told them to take. That is why they are open. We believe they can safely operate at the level of occupancy we have described. We want as much of our economy opened as possible consistent with public safety and the health of our people. Where we can operate a business safely we want to do that. Under the limitations, we currently have in place with casinos they can operate safely.

Closing Remarks

We have flattened the curve before and we can do it once again. We can do it without going back to Phase 1. But everyone must do their part. So if you want the economy open then we must all do our part. Please wear a face covering. Social distance. Stay home when you are sick. Wash your hands often. Watch out for the most valuable. The safest place you can be is at home. Lift one another upon prayer and focus on our blessings. If nothing else let's be thankful for our healthcare workers. Everyone has a healthy and safe weekend. God bless.
👉 NEXT PRESS CONFERENCES Will be Tuesday and Thursday next week at the Capital. If there is a reason to meet at other times, whether related to weather or COVID19, I will let you know.
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WATCH LIVE 2:30 PM Governor John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

During the last press conference, Governor Edwards stated that the next conference would take place the same time next week, and as of 9:30 AM, there hasn't been an announcement stating otherwise. I will update this post if the time changes.


Gov. John Bel Edwards
The "Great Doctor" Billioux - LDH continues to try to publish more and more data weekly. They have added more information such as the percent of positive cases by regions and hospitalization breakdown by region to the Dashboard. - The difference between this rise in cases and what we saw earlier on is that we have significantly more data which allows us to communicate to you a lot more early warning signs. - We haven't yet seen real big rises in ventilator usage like our neighbors in Texas, but if these curves continue we will probably see these numbers go up. - More individual information was added this week regarding race data. * Louisiana was one of the first states to provide race data for people dying by COVID-19. - LDH now feels comfortable putting out race data by cases. * There is still 19% of cases that they do not have race data. Whether it is from lack of information taken when someone is tested or inability to get information from contact tracing. - Still see there is a disproportionate number of African Americans who are contracting COVID-19 when compared to their white counterparts. * This is also true for our Latin-X communities. - The disparity is starting to narrow, at least for deaths. - It is important that we know where COVID-19 is and how to protect ourselves. - At the regional level, we can see other races beyond the Black and White races available for parish data. - Where is COVID Spreading?
Outbreak Setting Number of Outbreaks Cases % of Cases
Food Processing 11 423 30%
Bar 36 393 27%
Industrial Setting 16 117 8%
College/University 3 84 6%
Restaurant 16 68 5%
Construction Site 3 48 3%
Casino 4 38 3%
Social Event - Private 3 38 3%
Office Space 8 36 3%
Wedding 7 31 2%
Gym/Fitness Setting 3 26 2%
Ship/Boat 1 25 2%
Other Worksite 8 24 2%
Social Event - Public 1 24 2%
Child Daycare 7 17 1%
Religious Services/Event 2 17 1%
Recreation 2 10 1%
Retail Setting 3 8 1%
Camp 1 5 0%
Grand Total 135 1,432 100%

Questions by Dr. Billioux

Explain the 14-day quarantine...
Gov referenced the need to quarantine for 14 days. As we do contact tracing and tell them they may have been exposed, we know that some people's initial urge is to go out get tested. More often than not its been several days since your exposure, so testing is reasonable. If you know you have been exposed today it is not advisable to get a test today. Regardless of being tested, 5 days after exposure and it is negative, you can still turn positive on day 13 or 14. Quarantining is for 14 days regardless of your test result. If you ae been exposed you need to do whatever you can to isolate yourself from other members of your household and certainly do not go out.
Why we are seeing cases in college universities when they are currently closed?
So there is a couple of data points that we have around that. One is that for the last week or so more than 1/3 have been from 18-29 certainly 29 or less. So that is the same population we would see around college campuses. The other point that I may is that even though the universities may not be open hey still remain centers of our community were people of this age group reside. A university draws a large group from that age range so it is not surprising to see an increase in those locations. Note it is 3 we have identified out of 84 cases. We are trying to engage college students to make sure our message is clear to inform them on the best ways to keep themself safe. Even though are seeing very few people are needing hospitalization and even fewer are dying but if you increase the number of people who are exposed in this age group the number of people who will be hospitalized or who die will also increase. We now have 25,000 active cases statewide, even if these individuals are in a low-risk group for bad outcomes for COVID, but anywhere anyone else goes there is a higher chance of being exposed to COVID-19 whether they are going to bar or a gym the likelihood of catching the virus is higher.
Cannot hear question - will update later
We definitely see most cases coming from population centers but from the beginning, we have seen cases coming from rural settings. If you look at the map every parish has cases, as we increase testing in smaller parishes we see increases in cases. Some of our smaller parishes rank highest in the amount of COVID cases and deaths in the nation. It is a problem that is truly statewide. This is not a New Orleans or EBR problem, we have COVID cases rises spreading everywhere across the state in the way we did not in March.
Are you tracking cases in prisons and correctional facilities? Why isn't this reported on the Dashboard.
We track cases wherever they come from. We want to know if they are from individuals that are residing in the setting or staff that work in a setting. We recently partnered with the CDC to do more comprehensive testing in a prison int he North, we work with the DEpt. of Corrections with their testing procedures, same on the parish level to help them support their testing. Individuals' locations are not identified to the public unless they are posing a risk to the public. If we take an example of the bars in Baton Rouge and were not able to identify everyone who had been there we did make a public statement. It is not mandated by the Federal government to be reported like nursing homes are.
How can we make restaurants safer
We always look at how we can make any setting safer. Recently we are looking at how we can increase enforcement. Having people in these settings to makes sure staff and patrons are doing what they can reduce their risk in these settings. Bars produce a particular risk. You may be leaning in closer to yell over sounds or if you are slowly drinking a drink you are not taking a mask on and off. We are visiting those sites.
How many new citations or violations have been given from the LDH
Data is not available. Normally we give a warning and then a follow-up visitation and if that is not corrected by the followup visit a citation is not ordered.
Are you planning to break up COVID-location exposure by regions
No. Anyone one of these settings you should assume it is going on in your neighborhood. What is more important is to make a self-assessment when you enter a setting if it is safe for you to be there or not.
Gov. John Bel Edwards

Question by Gov Edwards

Earlier you compared us to Texas. Texas is limited crowd size, cracking down on restrictions, and adding a statewide mask mandate. Are you considering limiting crowd sizes, adding restrictions, or instituting a mask mandate?*
Other states are considering closing bars and indoor dining. Seeing the surge in cases have you reconsidered the current restrictions on restaurants and bars?
I will tell you that we are getting the guidance directly from the cOronavirus task force as well we have done over 3,100 site visits over the last 10 days or so. Primarily working through the Free Marshall Office we are trying to gain more compliance with existing restrictions and are having success in almost every case. We will be starting our followup visits and if there are repeat violations actions will be taken there. In regards to 50% occupancy for on-premises dining, we are on par with what Texas is doing now. Our decision not to go into Phase 3 was the right decision. I can only imagine what the case would be if we removed to Phase 3. We are paying attention to all of these things and maybe making some adjustments to the restrictions. Currently, we remain focused on getting compliance with existing restrictions. If this proves to be insufficient to get our numbers under control we whatever is necessary to not put a strain on our hospitals. We are not there today but we are on-trend to get there.
President Trump says he wants all students returning to school for in person instruction, do you have guidance on what you would like to see with schools reopening?
First of all, I would hope aspirationally we want to see our schools open 5 days a week for in-person instruction, but at the same time, we have to balance the interest of preserving the health of students, staff, and faculty. We need to look at what situation is at any given time of the situation, particularly in advance of when that school year will commence. You will see school districts implementing even more measures to protect students, staff, and faculty. Under no circumstance do we anticipate a return to pre-COVID normal. Even if we have in-person instruction on campus it will not look like how it was prior to COVID. Not like to see school assemblies, students eating in lunch, students will not be coming into contact with people who are not their immediate cohorts. It is important to get students back onto campus not just for education but for nutrition, social well being, mental health services, and we have to remember that teachers and school counselors are mandatory reporters when they suspect a child has been subject to abuse or neglect. For all these reasons we ant them back on our campuses but we ate to do it safely. Only recently the CDC related a plethora of guidance. K-12 leaders are pouring over that now to make sure it is incorporated into our plans of reopening. Impossible to know on July 8th what it will look like or whether it will even be possible to open schools a month from now.
Question about fall sports and Senators Fields request that K-12 sports be cancelled for the Fall
It is a little too early to say on July 8th what this will look like. I appreciate the concerns of Senator Fields, that decision may be a prudent decision but we are not at the time where that decision needs to be made. WE need to know al little more and get a little deeper into the calendar before the decision is made.
Question about how Gov. Edwards feels about then comparison of wearing a mask to the holocaust
It is utter nonsense and sad. My best advice to anyone who wants to talk about any person or situation today and compare it back to the nazis or the holocaust is not appropriate. Certainly not in this circumstance where mask-wearing is recommended across the world now, including by our own Federal Govern and White House to wear masks to stop a disease that is highly contagious and highly lethal. It just misses the boat on all fronts to compare that to something related to the holocaust.
cannot hear question
Dr. Birx called me last week they were looking at certain hot posts across the country where you had increases in cases and positivity that were very pronounced. They wanted to assist going into those areas with additional testing, with the hopes of identifying more people with the coronavirus, put them into quarantine, and cool off these hot spots. In EBR we may be seeing this because of the younger demographic, we are a college town, we do not know why we are seeing it but we appreciate the help and hope to get the 5,000 additional tests today between now and July 18th. This is the only federally sponsored testing taking place in Louisiana presently. If you have questions about this testing or how to take advantage of it call 2-1-1 to pre-register. [location of testing sites]
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Hello guys, I am writing my whishlists about GTA 6, I lost my hope for GTA 6 while Rockstar don't answer us about it, if anybody wants GTA 6 or don't, stop writing GTA 6 in Rockstar games Social Media Posts, just be silent to GTA 6 be exist soon, because we tried everything so why we don't do that at least, this words for Rockstar Games Community and haters, and this post is only a idea for GTA 6 not a leak.

1- Features:
- 3 Playable Protagonist
- For the First Time in the Series there is a Female Protagonist
- Return Characters From GTA 4 and GTA 5 (HD GTA) and Some Protagonist Appear and Mentioned
- Multiple Cities and States
- Huge Map
- More Enjoyable Minigames (Shopping, Trading, Smuggling, Kidnapping, Racing, etc...)
- The Graphics is Better than RDR 2 Graphics
- The Physics are the same as Max Payne 3 and RDR 2
- More Wilderness
-More Animals to add
- Alot of Small Towns in The Map
- 2 Limited Places: Las Vegas (Las Ventures) , Mexico City (Capitalo)

2- States:
- Florida (Florida)
- New York (Liberty)
- New Jersey (Alderney)
- Pennsylvania / Michigan / Illinois (???)
- Georgia / Alabama / Mississippi / Louisiana (Lemoyne)
3- Cities:
- Miami (Vice City)
- Tampa (Cottonmouth)
- Orlando (???)
- Jacksonville (???)
- Atlanta (???)
- New Orleans (Saint Denis)
- Washington D.C (Capital City)
- Chicago / Detroit / Philadelphia (Carcer City)
- Atlantic City (???)
- Jersey City / Newark (Alderney City)
- New York City (Liberty City)
- Albany (???)
- Buffalo (???)

4- Protagonist:
- Marcus Jackson: he is 26 years old, Street Gang Member, Lives in Carcer City, he is African American man
- Walton Parker: he is 45 years old, Retired Drug Dealer, Lives in Vice City, he is a Widower with one 9 years old kid, he is American
- Kate Williamson: she is 23 years old, Hacker and Smart Thief, Lives in Liberty City, She is American

5- Story:
(The game is About Mafias Family's and Drug Lords) ( The Game isn't Dark Like GTA 4 and Bright Like GTA 5 its in the Middle)
- In the Prologue the game will start in (1999) Las Ventures, a Young man Called (Walton Parker) and he is 22 years old, he doing some sort of drug dealing with a big Russian Mafia Boss somewhere in Caligula Hall Casino, then the deal not going fine, then it will start a big shooting ,then you need to run away from the casino, when you get out there is someone who was waiting for Walton, and he is the brother of the Mafia Boss, a sniper shot got in his face, that was Walton's Friend (Stanley) Protecting him, then Stanley Takes Walton To the Airport, Fly To Vice City.
After 24 years Later (2023) you will start playing with Kate, Doing hers Routine, After that She entered a Jewelry Store, stealing alot amount of jewelry with a Smart way, without someone Caught her, she out the store and stole a super car smartly, runs to hers house and hack the camera's the store then she finished doing that and see the view of the city.
Taking us to Carcer City with Marcus, rolling with his gang members suddenly heard some guns shot, they go to find out, only some other gangs start gun war, starting a gun fight till finish, Marcus house is the only stolen house from the other, he takes his friend Chris to the market to buy, suddenly in the middle of trip the car is low fuel, then you need to go to the gas station to gas it up, after that they reached to the market and buy some resources and back to home, then here starts the open world.
After Completing Some Missions there is a Mission that Marcus needs to have a deal to get some drugs from the Big Mafias in the City, he go there and make the deal, telling him there is a drug dealer you need to go and he lives in Vice City, Marcus go with 2 Mafia Members and fly to Vice City.
In a Park of Vice City there is Middle Aged Guy sitting with his son ,preparing to going to School ,he takes his kid to School, After that there is a Call From Stanley telling him to go with the Ex - Mafia Leader of Vice City he Go there, and takes the drugs because there is deal needs to happen like the final mission for him to get out the Mafia, he takes the Drugs and go with 4 Mafia members, they Making the deal in a Industrial place in Vice City, Suddenly there is a Ambush from a Mexican Gang some of the members dies, Marcus and 2 of the Members runs away, and Walton in his alone Fight with the enemies, he finished then he want to grab the money and the Drugs but he Saw a Bomb there is Activated then he Can't Do anything only to Run, he get out the place with Big Explode there, he runs away without the Money and The Drugs.
Now the Both of them in Big Trouble and the game going to combine the Problems with them to help each other, with kate to be Featured and Help them.

- I Hope Everyone Enjoys the Ideas That I am Sharing, and Remember Guys this is a ideas for GTA 6 and not Official, Maybe Some of the things that I mentioned maybe Appeared In GTA 6 So Don't get Your Hopes high Because Maybe Some them Happend.
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New Orleans video tour Harrah's Casino & Hotel - YouTube

For more gambling news, reviews and exclusive casino promotions, visit Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Boomtown Casino and Hotel New Orleans 3 Stars Hotel in Harvey, Louisiana Within US Travel Directory Offering a restaurant and a fitness centre, Boomtown Casino and Hotel New Orleans is located in ... Un paseo por el Casino Harrah's de New Orleans, Louisiana - Duration: 3:16. Vida Miami TV 5,655 views. 3:16. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off ... Today we are visiting Harrah's Hotel and Casino in New Orleans. Located steps from the French Quarter and the Mississippi, Harrah's offers great entertainmen...